Not all bad

There’s been a lot of bad reviews and scary stories about different incidents from Craig’s list.

But, you know there’s still a lot of good out there.

Just recently I was looking up prices of a certain item on Craig’s list for my area. The posting for a free sofa/ couch caught my eye.

Could it be for real? As it was one of our sofas has an end that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a bucket. So, I contacted the seller.

Lo and behold, it was a lovely couple who was moving out of state, and their grown children did not need it.

So, here it is…… There are still good people and good things out there!



Bittersweet? Maybe….

For us, we are in our last week of summer with the start of school on our heals. The kids are excited but not.

To add to the mix, here’s what’s on display as we are buying school supplies.

P.S. Have tried the caramel apple milky ways- not enough apple.

Pecan pie M&Ms- faint nutty flavor

Candy Corn M&Ms- enough sweetness to put an actual candy corn to shame!

Day, or two late….

Lots happening, especially since over by me the last week of summer is upon us.

In attempts to hold on to the flavors of summer I made another batch of peach preserves. I used an quick and super easy recipe found on; I used a spoon to scrape of the red portion by the pit, only because I was concerned that it might make it look funny once it cooked.

Next will be strawberries. After seeing how much we spend on them, it’ll be worth it. Bonus is that we know exactly what’s in it.

Costco free find

Are you a Costco member? Do you have a friend that is? Then you may know that towards the back of the store, they have their wine section. Just stacks and stacks of them.

Well, some wines are not packaged in the usual cardboard box. Some come in wooden crates. These crates once emptied, like the cardboard counterpart are ok for you to take.

Now why would you want one? Because they make great, sturdy organizers!! This one I used for some clearance art supplies I picked up at Michael’s (that’s another post). The top we use as an art mat for when my daughter wants to paint pictures or I need to use the hot glue gun. It spares our tables from the inevitable art oopsies.

I’m sure you can find even more uses. It’s just a great way to recycle and not spend a fortune to organize.

Summer in a glass 

When summer comes around the perfect drink is lemonade!!

Well how about lemonade and a great cause?!?

For those in the RVA area there will be a fun lemonade stand at the corner is Cox Rd. & Swinging Bridge Dr from 4:30- 6 pm today.

All proceeds go to the VCU Children’s Hospital!!

Tried it!

Happy Monday everyone!And happy first day of school to some of you out there!

Has anyone tried Cozi Finds and Freebies? I have, and it’s a neat site to get various free samples and other “finds” such as tips and recipes.

Since signing up for their emails an newsletters I have been able to receive free samples of products I’ve been interested in, but been unsure if I want to invest in a full size product. Just recently they posted about an opportunity to try and review New Balance products (from their shoes to their apparel). You complete a simple form and if chosen, you will receive a particular item to try and keep, all you do is complete a survey form regarding your experience with the product!

So, go heck out Cozi- tell them I sent you!

P.S. I only recommend sites, recipes, life hacks and tips that I have personally tried. 😃


Here’s a throwback Thursday for everyone. Tonight is family night at the drive-in movie theater!!! 

This is a great family activity for the whole family. Check your local areas for this flash from the past with modern day appeal!

Wind down

As summer is winding down I’m sure all us “resourceful ” moms have taken advantage of the free bowling games at your local bowling alleys.

BUT… Don’t forget to check the front desk at the alleys. Our local bowling alley has some great promos. Such as an “all you can bowl” for $5.99, specific times of course; but it makes for a great date night with the spouse!

Shift gears

When there’s sharp lightning and sudden sheets of rain, you improvise.

Broiled the marshmallows on the graham cracker for 5-6 minutes. When the marshmallows are golden in top, pull them out and top it with the chocolate and other graham cracker .

Kind neighbors 

Yesterday I shared the sewing desk , today I HAVE to show you the first gem I discovered when we moved here.

Below is a picture of a wrought iron patio set that a neighbor was not able to take with them on their move. It came with an umbrella and umbrella stand, but since we have a covered back patio we set it aside for now.

Like the desk? It’s been reprinting and needs a little TLC in the form of sanding the old paint and getting a fresh coat. It’s a solid set, might be 15 years old but in awesome shape aside from cosmetic repairs.

Yes, it was also free. Maybe it’s true that “someone’s trash is another man’s treasure “. Either way it was win win for us both.

(Please don’t pay mind to the “lived in” items on the table)

Through the kindness of Neighbors

It’s been almost a year now since we moved from Texas to Virginia. Well, we couldn’t take everything and as many of you know, you go from having a budget to playing catch up.

But, through the kindness of neighbors you make it through. 

Years ago I joined a group called Nextdoor, they sponsor the National Night Out yearly event. I believe they are in every state. So, when we moved I switched over our location.

Well, others are moving in/out, too. So they offer their items at a minimal price. OR like the antique sewing machine desk below- for free!! It just needs to be stripped of the old paint and repainted!!!

Can’t wait….. 

Sweet Treat+free=yummy

Over the past years I’ve joined a couple of web-based “mom” groups. There have been duds, but there are certain ones I’d love to share with everyone. One of them chose me to sample one of their sponsors products with my friends and family.

The product? Goetz caramel creams and cowtales. Remember those?? Still as yummy as always!

And yes…. It was sent to me for free- bonus!!!


First day- First Blog!

Today is the day!

With a lump in my throat, a little leap of faith, and a whole lot of excitement; I am beginning a blog. I hope to share with everyone the big, and little, finds I discover day to day.

It might be a freebie, or a nifty place. But, whatever the case, I want to share it with all of you!