Costco free find

Are you a Costco member? Do you have a friend that is? Then you may know that towards the back of the store, they have their wine section. Just stacks and stacks of them.

Well, some wines are not packaged in the usual cardboard box. Some come in wooden crates. These crates once emptied, like the cardboard counterpart are ok for you to take.

Now why would you want one? Because they make great, sturdy organizers!! This one I used for some clearance art supplies I picked up at Michael’s (that’s another post). The top we use as an art mat for when my daughter wants to paint pictures or I need to use the hot glue gun. It spares our tables from the inevitable art oopsies.

I’m sure you can find even more uses. It’s just a great way to recycle and not spend a fortune to organize.


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