New flavors 

The official first day of Fall/Autumn isn’t until the 22nd of September…. But it sure is starting to taste yummy!!!

If you love pumpkin- I know I do- it’s like a pumpkin heaven!! But if “not so much” then it’s ; “how many more things can you make into a pumpkin flavor!?!?!”

Either way Fall is in full force!

Autumn activities 

The change in seasons doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do- just a change in the activity.

Autumn is a great time to go to the orchards and herb farms. Lavender Fields Herb Farm ( is a great example of what farms like this have to offer! For example, today’s list included free kids activity, free tasting, free gardening classes and a free tour of the farm! Whew!! What a morning!!

Check out your areas for free fun events like this. Don’t forget to “like” their Facebook pages if they have one so you’ll always know what’s new and going on!


B. A. N. A. N. Aaaaaa

What happens when there are bananas on sale? I know your probably thinking, “they’re always the same price”. Not when they’re super ripe ( not over ripe) and bagged up by at least 12 pcs. per bag- sold for $0.99 per bag!!

The result can be 36 mini banana chocolate chip bread loaves and one medi loaf!!

Good thing everyone here is in the mood for banana bread !!

They’re back….

Remember these? There are two other flavors missing still  from the shelf.

The craft stores may have hit us with the season change back in mid-July, but the food industry is creeping up fast behind them! 

Any “new” items coming out this year??? Stay tuned…..