Mmm… popcorn….

What is it that makes the smell of popcorn almost intoxicating?? Especially the popcorn at Target! 

I know it’s the best marketing ploy around paying with your senses!!

And yes, I buy myself a bag almost every time!

Here’s a bonus as to why they’re still okay the next day… Target uses coconut oil!!!! And yes, for $0.60 more you are getting your money’s worth with the large bag!!


Season shifts

Fall is beautiful with all its colors!! The leaves are falling, the pumpkins are rolling and the temperatures are dropping. We’ll, unfortunately with that it means a lot of stuffy noses!!

But have no fear NeilMed Naspira (Nasal-Oral Aspirator) is here!! Check it out on!!!

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

It was exciting when the package arrived! In all honesty, when I looked at the product I was a little hesitant, I’ve never used anything like this!! So I sterilized it and got it ready for use.  We’ll, the resident baby was not available. But it does say kids on the box and my kid was sounding a little congested!!

After getting over the giggles and jitters, we began to use it. It was easy and painless. Wasn’t sure about clean up after that, but it wasn’t as bad (or gross) as I thought it would be.

Now, you’re probably thinking about the Naspira and saying is that all they have? They also have the famous “Netipot”!! Along with a sinus rinse. Their website, has more information and details.

Don’t forget the bonus to this product- I got it for free!! Want to be able to get free product to try? Then you HAVE to check out MomsMeet and become an ambassador!! It’s a great community of moms like us. So go to for all the details and see what’s being sampled and share in the fun!!

Here are some photos of our experience!

#momsmeet, #neilmed 

Because we care

Summer, sunshine and lemonade stands… yes, I know it’s Fall. But back in the summer my little girl helps a family friend of ours raise money at her lemonade stand. The proceeds went to buy Lego sets for the children patients at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond.

This was started by a sweet bit by the name of Joseph Dees that knew first hand  that during treatment you need a little something to do to pass the time.

Unfortunately, Joseph is not with us. But the love in his heart lives with us through his foundation and gifting the children at the hospital with the Lego sets….

Sometimes the smallest token can make the biggest difference.


Love going to the orchards!! It’s so much fun to go to the “Pick Your Own” during the various fruit and vegetable seasons.

This Fall we started with APPLES!! And , 44 pounds later there’s a lot of yummy to bake.

Below is what came out of all those apples: 

Apple butter- 6 half pint jars

Apple sauce- 6 batches

Apple cookie cups, Sautéed apples

Oatmeal apple cinnamon chip cookies

Upside down apple pie

Fall fun!!!

What’s Fall without a festival?? 

The weather is nice and cool, and that’s the best time for a Fall festival at school!!

Cotton candy, airbrushed tattoos- and FOOD TRUCKS!! Yummy!!

Love the Greacian Angus burger with a side of Feta fries!!!

What’s your Fall festivity this year?

Get Boo-ed!!!

It’s Halloween treat time!!!

With Halloween right around the corner it’s candy galore!! 

But you can make inexpensive “Boo Buckets” for all your favorite ghouls that doesn’t have to be sugar loaded!

Little metal buckets, stickers erasers and keychains make up this treat. And I say inexpensive because …. (drumroll) I bought it all last year after Halloween!! Not the day after, it’s only 50% off then and there’s a mad scramble. Give it a day or two and give yourself some extra time to go through the ransacked shelves.

But it’s totally worth it!! (P.S. I bought the Ring Pops just yesterday)

Weekend plans

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to enrich the next step in your life.

This weekend a fabulous group called MomsMeet are holding a summit for bloggers. What’s so great about it? It’s for bloggers of all stages- from newbies to veterans!!

And it’s super fun too!!!

Sign up!!

It been said that to save money unsubscribe from email newsletters to resist spending temptations. True, I have done a little if that. I have kept/ stayed with the ones that I frequently go to because of points that you can use in the future or helpful coupons they give.
A great example are the ones that give birthday “presents”. Here’s a sample of why I recently received: free Root n Tooty stack @Ihop; free Grand Slam @Denny’; free food (or drink)@ Starbucks; free small scoop@ Baskin Robbins; buy one get one any size Blizzard @ Dairy Queen.

Not pictured are the gift certificates I also received from DSW($5), Cost Plus World Market ($10), Victoria Secret (Angel cardholders $10), local mall ($20).

Not bragging, just sharing what I’ve experienced. There’s more out there!! I haven’t listed everything or pictured everything. But, it was fun getting the stuff and I was able to share a lot of it with my family.

What’s in the air?

“With every season turn, turn,turn….” to sneeze!

It seems that each season has it own set of allergies! But sometimes it just doesn’t stop eveninside the house. By the time you’ve gotten home, you’ve probably taken some allergens home and now they should pay rent because you can’t seem to get rid of them. 

Well here’s a great solution to that problem the company Winix has 2 great air purifiers to choose from. Air purifiers are not just for the baby’s room anymore!

One unit has a washable filter which cuts down on cost. But what if you feel it might be a smidge too big for your living space.

Take a look at the Winix NK 105 Air Putifier!! Love the sleek design!!

For more information on this air purifier and the HR 1000 just go to: