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It been said that to save money unsubscribe from email newsletters to resist spending temptations. True, I have done a little if that. I have kept/ stayed with the ones that I frequently go to because of points that you can use in the future or helpful coupons they give.
A great example are the ones that give birthday “presents”. Here’s a sample of why I recently received: free Root n Tooty stack @Ihop; free Grand Slam @Denny’; free food (or drink)@ Starbucks; free small scoop@ Baskin Robbins; buy one get one any size Blizzard @ Dairy Queen.

Not pictured are the gift certificates I also received from DSW($5), Cost Plus World Market ($10), Victoria Secret (Angel cardholders $10), local mall ($20).

Not bragging, just sharing what I’ve experienced. There’s more out there!! I haven’t listed everything or pictured everything. But, it was fun getting the stuff and I was able to share a lot of it with my family.


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