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It been said that to save money unsubscribe from email newsletters to resist spending temptations. True, I have done a little if that. I have kept/ stayed with the ones that I frequently go to because of points that you can use in the future or helpful coupons they give.
A great example are the ones that give birthday “presents”. Here’s a sample of why I recently received: free Root n Tooty stack @Ihop; free Grand Slam @Denny’; free food (or drink)@ Starbucks; free small scoop@ Baskin Robbins; buy one get one any size Blizzard @ Dairy Queen.

Not pictured are the gift certificates I also received from DSW($5), Cost Plus World Market ($10), Victoria Secret (Angel cardholders $10), local mall ($20).

Not bragging, just sharing what I’ve experienced. There’s more out there!! I haven’t listed everything or pictured everything. But, it was fun getting the stuff and I was able to share a lot of it with my family.

What’s in the air?

“With every season turn, turn,turn….” to sneeze!

It seems that each season has it own set of allergies! But sometimes it just doesn’t stop eveninside the house. By the time you’ve gotten home, you’ve probably taken some allergens home and now they should pay rent because you can’t seem to get rid of them. 

Well here’s a great solution to that problem the company Winix has 2 great air purifiers to choose from. Air purifiers are not just for the baby’s room anymore!

One unit has a washable filter which cuts down on cost. But what if you feel it might be a smidge too big for your living space.

Take a look at the Winix NK 105 Air Putifier!! Love the sleek design!!

For more information on this air purifier and the HR 1000 just go to: