Just right!!

Just last week I was talking about comfort food and how it hits the spot.

Well, this Sunday I hosted my Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange! What fun as always.

And, what a perfect time to add a little savory with the sweet. As hard as it was, I shared my Blake’s all natural chicken pot pie and their Shepard’s pie…..

What a hit!! Just what we needed to balance out the treats with a yummy dose of healthy, “hit the spot” comfort food!!

Where to find them? I found mine at Target- how convenient!!

You have to check them out!! For more information about these products and more of their line go to:


Love coupon-ing??

Love to use coupons? Maybe the next extreme couponer in the making? 

Then I may be preaching to the choir, but…

Around this time of the year the coupons to almost everything is out!! But what’s the best part is that you can stack at some places.

What do I mean by “stack”? Here’s an example: I recently received coupons in the mail for DSW shoes. Included in the mailer was a coupon for a free tote with purchase ($29) and $20 off a $49 purchase. If you’re like me you like to peruse the clearance areas first. 

Today I found 3 pairs of shoes that were 70% off each and a cute Vera Bradley wristlet that was 50% off. I was over the $29 to qualify for the tote, and I also qualified for the $20 deduction. 

Now I join a lot of store “clubs”.   With the points I accumulated during the year I received a $10 gift certificate!! 

So, there’s my “loot” for all under $25 with tax!! 

Happy holidays!!


As much as I tried, I had last minute shopping to do on Thanksgiving eve!!

Oh well, c’est la vie…. but wait! What do I see at the “W” store?? A countdown to Christmas!!!!

And I haven’t had my traditional pumpkin pie from Costco yet! HAHAHA!!

The battle will continue as retail tries to push the Holidays faster and we with our Traditions of not decorating until after Thanksgiving.

With that, wishing everyone a “Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!”

Had some time 

Amidst the running around of the weekend I had sometime between laundry loads. As the tv provided background sound I hear that we’ll have lows in the 20’s- 30’s and highs that won’t reach 50!! 

So what came to mind?? Something warm and a”hit the spot” winner….

COWBOY CHILI!!! Cowboy because you use chunks of beef instead of ground beef.

With the time I’ve been given prep work began! Now keep in mind, I made this yesterday. Why? Because the flavors “marry” better together overnight!