Baby treats!

Babies, like us adults, love to have a little something to snack on. But as a parent you don’t want anything that could choke them as they’re eating or make them too full to eat at mealtime.

And along comes Baby Mum- Mums Rice Rusks!!! They’re light, melt in your mouth ( yes, I ate some too!!) and come in  different flavors so you don’t get tired of them.

Now, I feel very lucky to have been chosen by MomsMeet to share his product with my mommy group and their kids. Our superstar is the just turned 1 baby boy of the group. And by the looks of how he wasn’t about to share his Mum-Mums I’d say it’s baby approved!! For more information on this product go to:

Did you see the box of samples that arrived?? Want in on it too?? Then go to MomsMeet ( they’ve got great programs and tips! Is such a fun community, you’ve got to join!!


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