Love coupon-ing??

Love to use coupons? Maybe the next extreme couponer in the making? 

Then I may be preaching to the choir, but…

Around this time of the year the coupons to almost everything is out!! But what’s the best part is that you can stack at some places.

What do I mean by “stack”? Here’s an example: I recently received coupons in the mail for DSW shoes. Included in the mailer was a coupon for a free tote with purchase ($29) and $20 off a $49 purchase. If you’re like me you like to peruse the clearance areas first. 

Today I found 3 pairs of shoes that were 70% off each and a cute Vera Bradley wristlet that was 50% off. I was over the $29 to qualify for the tote, and I also qualified for the $20 deduction. 

Now I join a lot of store “clubs”.   With the points I accumulated during the year I received a $10 gift certificate!! 

So, there’s my “loot” for all under $25 with tax!! 

Happy holidays!!


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