Great surprises 

I had the great fortune of being able to attend the WowSummit 2016, conducted by MomsMeet- if you haven’t joined on their website please do (

We’ll, I won!!! My name was drawn and I won a gift basket from Earth’s Best. Have you heard of it? Check their site:

They’ve got more than what’s pictured in my gift basket; such as fruit bowls and frozen goodies. 


Baby treats!

Babies, like us adults, love to have a little something to snack on. But as a parent you don’t want anything that could choke them as they’re eating or make them too full to eat at mealtime.

And along comes Baby Mum- Mums Rice Rusks!!! They’re light, melt in your mouth ( yes, I ate some too!!) and come in  different flavors so you don’t get tired of them.

Now, I feel very lucky to have been chosen by MomsMeet to share his product with my mommy group and their kids. Our superstar is the just turned 1 baby boy of the group. And by the looks of how he wasn’t about to share his Mum-Mums I’d say it’s baby approved!! For more information on this product go to:

Did you see the box of samples that arrived?? Want in on it too?? Then go to MomsMeet ( they’ve got great programs and tips! Is such a fun community, you’ve got to join!!

Shedding light

Sometimes a product comes along and it makes you wonder why you didn’t discover it sooner! 

Through the HouseParty program I was chosen to share the Finally Light bulbs with my closest friends! They sent me what I thought were, everyday light bulbs. But one was an LED and the other the Finally light bulb that you can find at any Staples store. 

Below are the comparison test we did on ordinary color blocks and Opi nail polish.

We were amazed with what we found!! The brightness and clarity of the colors were surprising!!

Where has this light bulb been all our lives!!

Would you like to be included in a program like this ?? You HAVE to go to!!!

Want to learn more about this amazing light bulb?? Go to

Pick one up at Staples today- you’re honing to LOVE it!!!

Yes, you saw right. Pecan pie soda from Abita Craft Sodas, because extra fizzle always keeps the brightness going!

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