Love merging our two cultures together. But this time of year I have so much fun putting together the Italian Christmas cookie table!!

Of course, we can always be our own worst critics! I wish I had more varieties. Unfortunately, due to family emergencies time didn’t allow for me to make more. Though I am happy that I was able to put one together at all!!

Merry Christmas!!!


Winter wonderland!!

Didn’t get a “White Christmas “, but that’s okay. We did get to go to a Winter Wonderland at the Gaylord National Harbor!
The event is called, ” Ice, Christmas Around the World”; and oh what fun it was!!

Before you get your “fashionable ” blue parka, you get a quick background video of how the exhibits and who made them are done.

And yes, you want he blue parka because it’s about 9*(degrees) inside the entire exhibit. Besides the showcase there is an ice slide to go in and an ice sculptor at work. 

All of which lead out to the Christmas Cillage with fun rides and a cute Christmas shop.

This may become a new yearly tradition!

#blueparka #gaylordnationalharbor 


I know, Santa is everywhere. Personally I love it!!!

What I really love is the opportunity to slow down for one morning with a relaxing buffet breakfast at ….. Maggiano’s and visit with Santa!!!

What a great morning! You all know the fabulous food, now throw in a dash of Mr. Christmas!! It’s like the cherry on a sundae! 

It’s a fun morning with food, photos with Santa, story time and the kids get a goodie bag.

Check your local Maggiano’s locations for your breakfast with Santa!


You know it’s cold when…

Yes, winter is upon us!! And you know it’s cold when the fountain at the mall is frozen!!!

It may be frozen, but the spirit in the air is warm with Holiday notes!!

With Christmas about a week away, the temperatures do not deter anyone.

Stay safe and warm!!

Costco trunk shows

How much more can we talk about Costco? We all hear how great employers they are, and how they’ve taking bulk shopping to a whole different level.

Well what about their trunk shows. Sure they run the gamut from Aidells meat products to ultra premium car wash kits. But around the Holidays there’s one that draws a huge crowd you can barely walk by- Lindt Chocolate!!

They bring super sets that are limited quantity and not readily seen in most areas. And, of course, there are samples!!

And rest assured there is a Lindt Chocolatier on hand!! It was a blast to get to meet with her!!

Happy Chocolatly Holidays!!!


With Winter Break/Vacation soon upon us our thoughts are on tinsel, lights, holiday parties, and how to keep the kids busy!!

A sometimes forgotten venue is Barnes & Noble. We all know that they have great storytelling events for the little ones. But they have done much more just in this past year. They have hosted “Pokémon” events and their latest is the “Harry Potter Magical Holiday Ball”! 

What a fun and interactive event. We are fortunate to have a 2-story Barnes & Noble , so there was something going on almost everywhere. On the second floor was a large display of themed items and books as soon as you “land”. Other areas had crafts, making an ornamental Snitch, another area offered coloring pages and brain teasers.

The lower level was buzzing too with dance lessons and a photo op area.

So, be sure to check out your nearest Barnes&Noble location for up coming events.

Birthday yummies!

When you’ve gone beyond the yellow cake mix in a box! There used to be a time (long, long ago) where making the birthday cake from a box and the frosting from a plastic “can” would do.

But now, even kids know the difference from where a cake  came from. The usual sheet cake doesn’t have to have the usual flavor.

Take for example an cake from a local bakery (Shyndigz) called the “Spotted Cow”!

Layers of deliciousness!!

But it wouldn’t be a birthday without gifts!!

Wishes granted with a new American Girl doll and a Fitbit. Not to be left behind, big brother that gets her a big accessory for her dolls!!!


Time flies too fast when it comes to our kids!!

Today we celebrated our daughter’s 11th birthday. And as our “thing” you get to choose what or where your birthday dinner will be. She chose Maggiano’s! Always a family favorite.

Sometimes it’s hard to watch them go from the Kid’s menu to the regular menu.. It means more than just the size of the plate… (sigh)


Looks like gift baskets in the making…

With only two and a half weeks of school until Winter break there’s a lot to take care of. 

Besides the baking and cooking, holiday parties as well, it can be difficult trying to get gifts for everyone.

But did I find a treasure trove today…. and it all began at a warehouse/ club store. Yes, the big box store helped me cross off a few on my gift list. 

Multi- packed products can equal to great multi gift baskets!!

I feel like I gained a little more time!