Time flies too fast when it comes to our kids!!

Today we celebrated our daughter’s 11th birthday. And as our “thing” you get to choose what or where your birthday dinner will be. She chose Maggiano’s! Always a family favorite. 


Sometimes it’s hard to watch them go from the Kid’s menu to the regular menu.. It means more than just the size of the plate… (sigh)



Looks like gift baskets in the making…

With only two and a half weeks of school until Winter break there’s a lot to take care of. 

Besides the baking and cooking, holiday parties as well, it can be difficult trying to get gifts for everyone.

But did I find a treasure trove today…. and it all began at a warehouse/ club store. Yes, the big box store helped me cross off a few on my gift list. 

Multi- packed products can equal to great multi gift baskets!!

I feel like I gained a little more time!