Velcro to the rescue

My daughter wanted to redecorate her room. So we went out and she picked her curtains and a cute balance to match. We didn’t get the curtain rod, don’t ask.

Well as it happened, life happens and we – ok I- would forget to get the curtain rod. By happen chance I found a great rod that matched the beads on the balance she chose. In the cart it went. 

As my husband installed the rod and the curtain; he asked, “where does this go?”. Uh-oh, I didn’t get a balance rod….and I really didn’t want to add more holes in the wall.

But, I did have sticky back Velcro,

So I measured out the length I needed and carefully and placed it on the back of the valance and front of the curtain.

I did put the matching side of the Velcro on the curtain with it still on the rod. Only because I wanted to make sure that I placed it correctly so that it looked ok.

And now the finished product! It took maybe 15 minutes tops! It was cheaper than the rod and it spared the wall!!


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