Having fun while learning 

The best way to learn is when you’re having fun! Especially when you’re a kid! 

What’s a great life skill? Knowing how to cook- you gotta eat, right? 

Well how about learning how to cook at a very famous restaurant known for its tummy-fillling food and warmth? 

Maggiano’s offers Kids Cooking Classes throughout the year.

This Super Bowl Sunday the kids get the spotlight. And the stage is set

Dessert first? Only because it has another process, the freezer! Love Chocolate Zuccotto bites drizzled with white chocolate and milk chocolate 

On to the salad drizzle!!

Mmmm….. lasagna

Last lesson- cookie decorating 

 Now it wouldn’t be complete without having some food! Included is a lunch for the kids- and parents too!
Group photo for the scrapbook! Thank you Chef Roni!!

So, sign up for the Maggiano’s newsletter for scheduled events like this! http://www.maggianos.com

P.S. They also have events for adults!!


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