Tuesday free day fun day 

What a day! Since I had joined to receive the e-newsletters from L’Occitane, not only do I get notices of sales… but a free gift without having to make a purchase. To make it even sweeter I was able to gift it to 2 of my friends. What I didn’t know is that by bringing in the email to redeem for my gift, there was an additional $10 of a $35 purchase! 

On the mass world of apps, I have previously downloaded the McDonald’s app. Why you say when there’s so much talk of how “healthy” it might not be. It’s my favorite junk food indulgence!! With that said, every so often there’s a free dessert with purchase or if the College State team wins there’s a free order of fries. This time if 50 points were scored at the Super Bowl it was a free Grand Mac! There’s lunch!!

Now about the movie…. free passes to the advance screening of the Lego Batman movie. How you ask?? Yup, you guessed it, I subscribed to another e-newsletter group.

This time to the Warner Brothers Studios program. There is a trick to it though, because I don’t always get passes. Once you get the email you have to be quick and claim your passes!! But so worth it when you can bring your family. 


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