Sweets for the sweeties!

Made it through Valentine’s Day!! Not because of any dating issues- I’m super happily married!! Or where to go for dinner, we’ve never been big on fighting for a table.

We love it have a special dinner with the family. So it was everybody’s favorites,

The best of the night is always dessert!

And boy did I go frugal!! Here’s the breakdown:

Chocolate covered strawberries- had about half a bag of Kisses left over from the holidays and half a bag of semi-sweet morsels. In they went to the double boiler with a smidge of oil.

Guess what? The strawberries were only $2.68 at Walmart!

But what else? How about some molten lava cakes that are heart shaped?

So in goes a little devils food cake mix and Godiva truffle chocolates. And ice cream that was only $2.99 @ Wegmans!!

All in all yummy desserts that cost me under $8!!


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