When you have to reach for a frozen meal….

When you are in a bind and have to reach for a frozen meal, you stare at the frozen aisle and think ” how do you decide from the plethora of meals?”. There are dozens of brands, food styles and sizes. So, how do you navigate?

But wait! Here’s a brand that doesn’t have the usual Salisbury steak or pizza- Luvo Frozen meals

I never expected to see a Tandoori inspired meal! What?!? Red wine braised beef with polenta?? Ok, I’m game- but what about taste?

As you see from the photo I grabbed one of what was available at my local store and grabbed close friends and forks and said, “let’s try this out!”

It was easy to prepare, I used the oven instructions. 

Who would’ve thought there’s was more than just the usual meals!


All in all everyone found their favorite meal. 

Please note that they do list on the box the “intensity” of spiciness of the meal. If your “wimpy” like me, the red wine braised beef with polenta is fabulous!

The Tandoori-inspired spiced chicken is spicy (at least for me), but addicting!! You can’t put your fork down, though I think I’ll need more milk to soothe my mouth – hahaha!

For more information and coupons go to 


You’ll be glad you did!!!!


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