Dinner day off 

We are so fortunate that our nearby Maggiano’s offers Kids Cooking Classes! They do an entire meal; salad, entree and dessert. Best about the class it’s interactive. They put their ingredients together for each dish and the chef “quizzes ” them, too. For example, today’s class started with them preparing the dessert, apple crostata. Chef Roni asked them “why did we start with dessert?” Hands went up! They answered- because it has to bake. ​


​ Mmmmm…. can you smell the apples cooking?  Then the step by step construction ​

On to the salad, the dressing really makes a difference!

Layer by layer they put a great dish together!

Hard to resist lasagna! 

And now dinner is done!! And you got the night off! 

But wait the event isn’t over yet… time for some lunch!!

Kids and parents get to enjoy a bite!

Maggiano’s has thought of everything! Definitely love them for this!!

Want to join us for the next class? Sign up for their newsletters, you can localize- that way you’ll get emails with a direct link for their events!!



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