Not all butters are created equal

There’s the old stand by peanut butter, what a classic. But, it can have another side that can be harmful. So in the scene came almond butter! Different and as versatile as peanut butter.

But wait! There’s more…..

Have you heard? Or have you tried? Sunflower seed butter and cashew butter? 

May I introduce to you “Once Again nut butters”!

And like children in a class room, they have their own unique characteristics!

The cashew has its natural, subtle sweetness. The almond has a minimal crunchy texture. The no stir peanut butter can give any supermarket peanut butter a run for its money. And the sunflower? Has the sunflower flavor you look for, without the work of taking off the shell.

But how does it compare is baking with them for example…

These were made with the among butter. They were on the edge of decadent! It brought a certain richness to the cookies. 

Here’s a description from one of the members of my “Mommy taste/test panel”: 

“All I can say about this Almond butter is Wow!! It makes Peanut Butter taste like cardboard. The flavor is so rich and complex. It was very similar to my homemade, which was roasted almonds processed with a little oil but Better!!!

Straight out of the jar, in the batter or in the finished product, the flavor translated perfectly.  I “sampled” so much, I made myself sick!”

“Once Again Nut Butters” are definitely worth looking for in the stores. They have a quality beyond compare.

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