Chocolate Makes It Better

It’s been a trying winter….. but now Spring is finally upon us, and looked what showed up at the door!

Heaven in a box!! Thanks to Tryazon and Ritter Sport Chocolate (!!!

This is my first party with Tryazon (, and I’m excited. The first part is creating a chocolate project. Mine became a “Chocolate-ville”.

Part two is the best part- a chocolate tasting party!!

To celebrate the beautiful Spring weather I decided to set the party outside.

I set the time for right after work. Why? What a great time to have a nice piece of chocolate to wipe away the troubles of the day and the winter woes.

So each guest walks up to a place setting. The placemat has 3 chocolate square varieties, adjacent to it is a questionnaire that asked them to guess the flavor and give their opinion of the piece.

As an in between they can have a sip of  a sparkling rosebud soda.

(Please excuse the lack of a few photos of the second round of tasting- photos are not for everyone- or due to work restraints can not be photographed. But I thank them for joining the event)

The crowd favorite was Honey Salt Almond. Many were surprised how they favored the one with whole macadamia. Coconut macaroon was well liked as well.

The coupons for the guests I attached to another gift, a sleeve of the minis!

I placed the minis in containers on the table as well to “nibble” on as we talked about our week. Smiles all around!!!

Yes, Chocolate Makes it Better!!

Here’s to the next party with Tryazon!!!


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