Spring is upon us

It seems that winter is finally slipping away and Spring is starting to bloom. Pretty but….. POLLEN!! If you have allergies to the pretty flora around us like I do then you know how it feels to want to be in a bubble. 

I’ve found some relief- not in a pill form. How about an air purifier? Have you heard of WINIX ?

Why consider an air purifier? It used to be that I thought I suffered from mild allergies or hay fever. Well, as the years went by the allergies increased. Tried a lot of things to find relief. Until it came to the point where I had to see an allergy specialist, went through all the skin testing. To find out that, as the doctor put it, “I lit up the skin test board”! 

Yes, I’m on a regimen to keep allergies in check and I’m in a Immuno-therapy program. But, truth be told it’s still hard to manage. I need something more to find some kind of relief at the end of the day.

What a delight to see at the door!!

Now to unpack this gem.

Sleek looking, isn’t it?!? 

Easy to understand controls. Doesn’t take up a lot of space. And personally, I think it looks very nice.

So to this point your asking, what makes it so great? Let me tell you…..

It works right away! You see the light in the unit change as the air gets better. As a bonus- there’s an app for that too! 

One of the easiest points of this unit to set up. Yes, it has WiFi and connects to your phone in a flash! 

I can check on my phone when I’m not at home how the air is in the room. I can control the unit so it will be ready before I get home. Easy to read and use.  It has three filters; one filter that can be cleaned every two weeks and a two stage Hepa filter that only needs to be replaced once a year!! The first stage is a charcoal filter to help get rid of the “smell” in the air, and the second is the anti microbial Hepa filter. 

Perfect! Where has this been all my allergy ridden life?!?! I have finally found relief. I’m able to sleep through the night without sneezing. The room smells fresher than any air freshener could do. I feel more refreshed in the morning as well.

When looking for an air purifier for your family’s good health, I can highly recommend this one just on pure experience!!

Please go to: http://www.winixamerica.com

For the clean air we were meant to have.


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