The adults will have a go…

Kids love going to cooking classes, and we the parents sit on the sidelines thinking, ” that looks like fun”. Maggiano’s has heard our thoughts…..

For their First Nation wide simulcast class, they have chosen items form their Brunch menu. If you haven’t tried their Brunch, please plan to- it is unforgettable.

Now, don’t go in expecting burners at every table.

It is a demo-class, which is helpful because it gives you the opportunity to jot down any tips the executive chef will show you. 

Our class started with Hollandaise sauce- yum!

There’s audience participation too!!

Why Hollandaise? Because we’re making Eggs Benedict. Love that Chef Roni showed us his method and tips for excellent poached eggs.

Our variety for today was Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. So we were shown layer by layer- with a tasting at the end.

What’s next? Lemon ricotta pancakes, it’s like having dessert for breakfast!

Prep time.

Using the finest ingredients 

Taking you through what your batter will look like.

The final yummy product!

But that’s not all… there’s a buffet of their morning pastries, fresh fruit platter, and of course coffee to have throughout the event.

You don’t leave empty handed. Included is a neat goodie bag and mimosas 

What a great way to start the morning!

Check the Maggiano’s locations in your area for more of these cooking classes in the near future!


Salsa Ole!!

The weather is warmer and Spring is in full swing!

It’s a great time to get together on a Saturday afternoon with great friends.

But what’s a fun and light snack?? How about chips and salsa!

Fresh salsa is always best. But when you don’t have the time and ingredients on hand, it can be too easy to reach for a jar on a store shelf. If you make your own you’ll be purchasing each ingredient with hopes you’ll be able to use neither all of it or save the remainder for another recipe.

Have you heard of Cocina Fresca?

It’s fresh, easy and can be found in the refrigerated section at your local grocery.

Now grab your favorite chips! Add some great friends to the mix and you ah e a perfect start to the weekend.

To participate in parties like this, go to :

To see where you can find Cocina Fresca in your area, go to:

Here we come Summer!!

Let the Ubongo begin!!

Did you know that April 29th is International Tabletop Day? I didn’t either!!

But I’m glad there is such a day! Why?

Because a good ole’ fashioned board game can bring families together, help turn off electronics and just be human!!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts I joined a great community called Tryazon. They recently partnered up with a game company called “Thames and Kosmos”. Together the offered a great party featuring the game called Ubongo!

It’s a great problem solving game that can be played over and over without getting bored or too repetitive. 

When I received my party pack, I had to try out the game for myself. Apparently my daughter saw how much fun it was that it was sequestered at her slumber party!

They found it challenging, but that’s what made it fun they said. The fact that you have to say “Ubongo” when your done and the gems you get for being first; brought out a little competitive side. But, in a friendly way that they all wanted to try to be first to solve the problem.

Finally it was party day…. I asked another  group of kids to give it a try, ages 7 to 12 years old. Yes, slightly under recommended age to play. But being a lover of puzzles- loved the game!!

When the young adults arrived, they decided to take a set inside- yes, I suppose we weren’t “cool” enough to play with. Regardless can they loved it and we didn’t see them for awhile!!

FINALLY!! The adults got a chance to try the game, we had to do two sets for all the adults to play. Here’s first set 

Overall a great evening! I think there are new fans- my family definitely is!! 

On their way out I did hear that they will be checking out the app as well.

But I love the physical set. So much fun!!!!!

To be a part of the great Tryazon community go to:

Want to know more about Ubongo and other games? Go to:

Both can be found on Facebook as well.

Quick cake

So company is coming over and I didn’t pick up anything to have with coffee.

Hmmm…… but wait, I’ve got stuff in my pantry. Last fall we went to the pick-your-own at Carter Mountain Orchard and got some apples. Ok, about 40 pounds or so of apples. Like many have done I made apple creations that I could freeze, such as sautéed apples.

So I grabbed one container and “defrosted ” it in a pan.

In the pantry I found this,

And some pecans, which I sautéed in the same pan as the apples to get the same flavor.

Next is layering. Starting with a layer of apples at the bottom of the 13×9 tray. Then the cake batter (prepared as on the box)

Another layer of the apples and then topped with a simple crumble. 

Bake as on the box, I did extend the time checking for done-ness. When the toothpick comes out clean your done!

New Easter fun

Easter has come and hopped by so fast, but we’ll always have the wonderful memories.

With Easter egg hunts a plenty it can get hard to choose which one to go to.

Well, how about for the “older” (9 up to age 13) kids they get to test their skills?

Carter Mountain Orchard has the neatest idea! An Easter Agility course

The kids are matched up by height and timed. Top 10 get to go again.

Of course the Easter Bunny is there too for photo opportunities. The fun doesn’t stop there because there are plenty of activities such as face painting and crafts.

Parents don’t fret there’s plenty for you too with the Bold Rock Cellar and Prince Michel Wine shop ( had your wine slushie yet?)

A visit to Carter Mountain would not be complete with out a few apple cider donuts!! Though I can’t resist their apple pie.

Phew! What a day of fun filled memories!

For more details for to their website:

Fun with fondue

When was your last trip to The Melting Pot?? Wasn’t it fun and yummy? 

Did you know about their World Champion Cheese Fondue featuring a Grand Cru Surchoix blend and is available this Spring, while supplies last? Well today being 4/11, they offered it for $4.11- fabulous!

Take a look!

What a yummy deal! 

But wait there’s more…. I didn’t know they had a dipper sampler. Oooo…..

And we went for it

 I have to tell you, those little sweet peppers are addicting. And if you haven’t had pickles and fondue, yet; don’t be skittish it’s really good.

As you can see it went from a little treat to practically a dinner.

With that being said what’s dinner without dessert. Try the dark and dulce to complete the evening!

What looks like glistening, is sea salt to give it a salty sweet mix.

How did I learn about the $4.11 deal? I “liked” their Facebook page, look for your local Melting Pot location’s page so you get their events. I must also say, I joined their “club” on one of my past visits. It’s totally worth it.

All in all, it wasn’t just the cheese fondue that was world class, but so was the service and quality!

Spring Break is here!

Finally! Spring Break is here, and the weather is beautiful!

So, how do we kick it off? With activities for not just the kids, but parents, too!

Chick-Fil-A has such an event- the “Mommy & Me” breakfast. Mommies and their little one gets a free beverage, this was a great time to try the iced coffee I’ve been eyeing but haven’t had the chance to. 

Truth be told, I couldn’t resist their hash browns and a yogurt parfait for each top make it complete. 

While you enjoy your breakfast, the kids get to do a craft! 

A “color yourself” string backpack is just what’s needed for Spring Break adventures.

Color pages are offered too!

For an extra treat there are cookies on the table. Yes, the chocolate chip ones!!

A Chick-Fil-A event would not be complete without a visit from the Cow. Apparently the Cow tried to sleep in!! Still in his Pjs!! Hahaha!!

What a great morning! And a great start to a fun filled week.

Check your local Chick-Fil-A for future events!!!

Spring Break is coming

For some of us, Spring Break is just around the corner…. are there things to do if you stay in town? Well, I know is parents have a list of things to do, but what about the kids?  

There are hidden gems in our areas that offer a little something for everyone. 

Take for example Chick-fil-A 

For the month of April they have planned:

10th- Mommy and Me breakfast with the Cow, 9am-11am; come in your pjs!! There will be free coffee, soft drinks, sweet tea. Have fun craft time while you enjoy breakfast. Must preregister:

3rd and 17th- Chick-fil-A Kids night 5pm-7pm. Have dinner with the family and receive a free 4 ct nugget meal

26th- open to 10:30am get a free 3 Ct mini

         5:30p-7:30pm get a free chocolate chunk cookie or Icedream.

Friday fun- you could win a free waffle fries, chick-Fil sandwich, free frosted strawberry lemonade, or another great Chick-Fil-A. Just by going to their FB page and being one of the first 10 to tell them where the CFA cow took the pictures.

Great activities await!! Always check with your Chick-fil-A area locations!!!

Next generation of chefs

They used to say that “every generation gets taller than the previous”, we’ll now every generation expands its horizons.

With that growth, Maggiano’s has seen that not all kids just like chicken nuggets or cheese pizza. They are mini foodies!! So, to encourage eating well, they have offered Kids Cooking Classes.

As you walk in and get settled the children need to wash their hands first.

Take their seats and prepare their chef toques 

Once ready, the cooking begins…. and they start with a sweet- apple crostata. Why? To show that since some deserts require baking for sometime, you start and have that in the oven while you prepare the rest of the meal.

Crostatas in the oven, we go to recreating the Maggiano’s House salad dressing 

Last, but not least…. lasagna!! Mmmmm….. yes Garfield knew what he wanted! Layers of yum!!

All the dishes prepared by the children they take home with them.

The class does not end here, working with food can make you hungry!!

Not to worry, parents get to have lunch too!! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!!

So check with your local Maggiano’s locations for dates and times  when they offer the cooking classes. It’s only $40 for the kids cooking class!!!