Next generation of chefs

They used to say that “every generation gets taller than the previous”, we’ll now every generation expands its horizons.

With that growth, Maggiano’s has seen that not all kids just like chicken nuggets or cheese pizza. They are mini foodies!! So, to encourage eating well, they have offered Kids Cooking Classes.

As you walk in and get settled the children need to wash their hands first.

Take their seats and prepare their chef toques 

Once ready, the cooking begins…. and they start with a sweet- apple crostata. Why? To show that since some deserts require baking for sometime, you start and have that in the oven while you prepare the rest of the meal.

Crostatas in the oven, we go to recreating the Maggiano’s House salad dressing 

Last, but not least…. lasagna!! Mmmmm….. yes Garfield knew what he wanted! Layers of yum!!

All the dishes prepared by the children they take home with them.

The class does not end here, working with food can make you hungry!!

Not to worry, parents get to have lunch too!! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!!

So check with your local Maggiano’s locations for dates and times  when they offer the cooking classes. It’s only $40 for the kids cooking class!!!


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