New Easter fun

Easter has come and hopped by so fast, but we’ll always have the wonderful memories.

With Easter egg hunts a plenty it can get hard to choose which one to go to.

Well, how about for the “older” (9 up to age 13) kids they get to test their skills?

Carter Mountain Orchard has the neatest idea! An Easter Agility course

The kids are matched up by height and timed. Top 10 get to go again.

Of course the Easter Bunny is there too for photo opportunities. The fun doesn’t stop there because there are plenty of activities such as face painting and crafts.

Parents don’t fret there’s plenty for you too with the Bold Rock Cellar and Prince Michel Wine shop ( had your wine slushie yet?)

A visit to Carter Mountain would not be complete with out a few apple cider donuts!! Though I can’t resist their apple pie.

Phew! What a day of fun filled memories!

For more details for to their website:


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