Quick cake

So company is coming over and I didn’t pick up anything to have with coffee.

Hmmm…… but wait, I’ve got stuff in my pantry. Last fall we went to the pick-your-own at Carter Mountain Orchard and got some apples. Ok, about 40 pounds or so of apples. Like many have done I made apple creations that I could freeze, such as sautéed apples.

So I grabbed one container and “defrosted ” it in a pan.

In the pantry I found this,

And some pecans, which I sautéed in the same pan as the apples to get the same flavor.

Next is layering. Starting with a layer of apples at the bottom of the 13×9 tray. Then the cake batter (prepared as on the box)

Another layer of the apples and then topped with a simple crumble. 

Bake as on the box, I did extend the time checking for done-ness. When the toothpick comes out clean your done!


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