Salsa Ole!!

The weather is warmer and Spring is in full swing!

It’s a great time to get together on a Saturday afternoon with great friends.

But what’s a fun and light snack?? How about chips and salsa!

Fresh salsa is always best. But when you don’t have the time and ingredients on hand, it can be too easy to reach for a jar on a store shelf. If you make your own you’ll be purchasing each ingredient with hopes you’ll be able to use neither all of it or save the remainder for another recipe.

Have you heard of Cocina Fresca?

It’s fresh, easy and can be found in the refrigerated section at your local grocery.

Now grab your favorite chips! Add some great friends to the mix and you ah e a perfect start to the weekend.

To participate in parties like this, go to :

To see where you can find Cocina Fresca in your area, go to:

Here we come Summer!!


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