The adults will have a go…

Kids love going to cooking classes, and we the parents sit on the sidelines thinking, ” that looks like fun”. Maggiano’s has heard our thoughts…..

For their First Nation wide simulcast class, they have chosen items form their Brunch menu. If you haven’t tried their Brunch, please plan to- it is unforgettable.

Now, don’t go in expecting burners at every table.

It is a demo-class, which is helpful because it gives you the opportunity to jot down any tips the executive chef will show you. 

Our class started with Hollandaise sauce- yum!

There’s audience participation too!!

Why Hollandaise? Because we’re making Eggs Benedict. Love that Chef Roni showed us his method and tips for excellent poached eggs.

Our variety for today was Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. So we were shown layer by layer- with a tasting at the end.

What’s next? Lemon ricotta pancakes, it’s like having dessert for breakfast!

Prep time.

Using the finest ingredients 

Taking you through what your batter will look like.

The final yummy product!

But that’s not all… there’s a buffet of their morning pastries, fresh fruit platter, and of course coffee to have throughout the event.

You don’t leave empty handed. Included is a neat goodie bag and mimosas 

What a great way to start the morning!

Check the Maggiano’s locations in your area for more of these cooking classes in the near future!


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