Eggs in a cloud!

It’s all over he internet and on the Today show… so how good are they? 

Had to give it a try. 

To start ; separate your eggs, I used four as a starting point. I was easier to keep the yolks in individual bowls.

Then grab your mixer and whisk the four egg whites until stiff peaks form.

Once you’ve got stiff peaks, gently fold in your favorite seasoning, I stuck to some basics that I know my family likes

Once you combined all the flavors, spoon the egg whites onto your baking sheet. I lined mine with parchment paper, and yes a little cooking spray. I’m paranoid of any sticking. I used my “cooking spoon” for nice sizes. 

Next make little wells in your egg white mounds, it will look like a little nest

Bake it for about 3-5 minutes (depending on your oven) at 450 degrees. 

Once that’s done, take them out and place an egg yolk in each nest.

Put back into the oven for about 5 minutes or until it is golden brown and the yolk is set.

And voila!!! Eggs in a cloud!!

They were light and yummy! This would make a great addition to brunch or breakfast when you have guests over. 

It was easy to do- no need to be a gourmet chef. Not to mention it’s a nice change from the standard over easy or sunny side up egg.

Happy Sunday!!


Coffee lovers rejoice 

We all love the coffee house around the corner or down the street. But all those cups add up. You could invest in a machine, but the time it takes can add up too.

What if there was a quicker way, and tastes just as great? There is!! International Delight has answered the call with their One Touch Latte  

There are 3 flavors, I just picked the ones popular with my group. 

In a super rush? Yes, I’ve used it with instant coffee – yummy!

Company coming over? Quick girls get together? 

Works great with the Keurig too!

Great when I need a pick me up or just a little something instead of grabbing cookies. Of course using my favorite coffee mug with my inhouse coffee house latte!!


Thanks to Crowdtap for my complimentary One Touch Latte. Want one too? 

Go to:

Summer “tea time”

Ok, so who can remember the “back in the day” commercial for Nestea Ice Tea and the actors falling back into a pool, taking the “Nestea Plunge”? Yup, me too!

It represented the cool refreshing feeling that Nestea Ice Tea gave you once you drank it!

Well, it’s still here giving us the same refreshing feeing. But now in a new updated packaging and even more refreshing flavors such as peach, raspberry and classic lemon.

Love  the new bottles! Great updated look when it goes to lunch with us

Not to mention it’s really been helpful on getting me through my work in the afternoons! I like being able to grab a cold bottle of ice tea then a bag of chips!

Here’s the bonus! I recently joined this great network called the “Sharing Network” by My Magazine and Kroger. You’ve got to check them out and join! It’s fun, and by the way, they gave me a free bottle of this great refreshing drink!!

S’more ways to have fun!

It used to be one of the main ways to enjoy S’mores was over an open campfire. Not anymore!! Thanks to Sterno Products they have created the S’mores Maker Kit

But how do you fully “test” a S’mores making product? 

With a S’mores bar of course!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!! Tryazon and Sterno sent me the kit, 2 actually and a card game called “More S’mores”. So…

After we enjoy our first run of S’mores, let the game begin. We give the card game a try, but do it “round robin” style. Where we play in groups and the winners head off in the finale round . 

After 4 rounds, what does the winner get? The best prize of course! A Sterno S’mores maker kit!!

So much fun!! 

Thanks to Tryazon for the opportunity!

Here’s their link to be a part of the fun;

And thanks to SternoProducts for an amazing S’more maker!

Chick-Fil-A in May

Chick- Fil- A is more than just addicting chicken nuggets and amazing waffle fries. And yes, more than just the gem of Chick- Fil-A sauce!

They are really a partner in the community. Every month they have a series of events that involve and connect the community. 

So, without further ado. Here’s the May line up:

May 8th- from 5p to 7p its “Free Treats and Crafts with Chick-fil-A Cow!! Come and get a free kids meal, do a craft, pictures with the Cow; AND, a free Ice Dream with your dinner.

May 20th- Mother and Son date night; more details to follow soon

May 22nd- from 5p to 7p its Game Night! Win food and prizes with Game Night. Free chocolate cookies for everyone.

Don’t forget that there’s also “Thirsty Thursday”. Where from 4p- 7p get a free medium soda, tea, or lemonade of your choice; with your lunch, snack or dinner entree.

Friday’s are still “Where is the Chick-fil-A Cow?”. Be one of the first 10 people to say where the Cow took his “mini-selfie” and win a free waffle fry, free Chick-Fil-A sandwich, free frosted strawberry lemonade or other great food item!!

So, check your area Chick-fil-A locations and make sure to like their Facebook page for monthly updates like this one!!