S’more ways to have fun!

It used to be one of the main ways to enjoy S’mores was over an open campfire. Not anymore!! Thanks to Sterno Products they have created the S’mores Maker Kit

But how do you fully “test” a S’mores making product? 

With a S’mores bar of course!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!! Tryazon and Sterno sent me the kit, 2 actually and a card game called “More S’mores”. So…

After we enjoy our first run of S’mores, let the game begin. We give the card game a try, but do it “round robin” style. Where we play in groups and the winners head off in the finale round . 

After 4 rounds, what does the winner get? The best prize of course! A Sterno S’mores maker kit!!

So much fun!! 

Thanks to Tryazon for the opportunity!

Here’s their link to be a part of the fun;


And thanks to SternoProducts for an amazing S’more maker! 



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