Summer “tea time”

Ok, so who can remember the “back in the day” commercial for Nestea Ice Tea and the actors falling back into a pool, taking the “Nestea Plunge”? Yup, me too!

It represented the cool refreshing feeling that Nestea Ice Tea gave you once you drank it!

Well, it’s still here giving us the same refreshing feeing. But now in a new updated packaging and even more refreshing flavors such as peach, raspberry and classic lemon.

Love  the new bottles! Great updated look when it goes to lunch with us

Not to mention it’s really been helpful on getting me through my work in the afternoons! I like being able to grab a cold bottle of ice tea then a bag of chips!

Here’s the bonus! I recently joined this great network called the “Sharing Network” by My Magazine and Kroger. You’ve got to check them out and join! It’s fun, and by the way, they gave me a free bottle of this great refreshing drink!!


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