Coffee lovers rejoice 

We all love the coffee house around the corner or down the street. But all those cups add up. You could invest in a machine, but the time it takes can add up too.

What if there was a quicker way, and tastes just as great? There is!! International Delight has answered the call with their One Touch Latte  

There are 3 flavors, I just picked the ones popular with my group. 

In a super rush? Yes, I’ve used it with instant coffee – yummy!

Company coming over? Quick girls get together? 

Works great with the Keurig too!

Great when I need a pick me up or just a little something instead of grabbing cookies. Of course using my favorite coffee mug with my inhouse coffee house latte!!


Thanks to Crowdtap for my complimentary One Touch Latte. Want one too? 

Go to:


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