So many oils 

It used to be that vegetable oil did it all, then came canola oil. And peanut oil was great for frying. Then somewhere there came soy oil. But oil is oil and we needed a somewhat healthier option.

In comes walnut oil, grape seed oil, hazelnut oil, avocado oil, and the very famous…..coconut oil!!!!!

This is where the Flavor Your Life campaign comes in. It is a campaign to educate and in some cases reintroduce the wonderful things olive oil has to offer. For facts, the Flavir Your Life campaign is funded by the Italian government, consortium of European Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers and the European Union.

So here is the formerly famous oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO. It was in everything. But with diet trends and fads it seemed to take a backseat to all the hype.

I have been fortunate enough to have received my olive oil and cruet for free form MomsMeet ( to use and give my honest review. Compensation for his post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Rest assured olive oil is as great as it’s ever been! Our personal favorite is using it to make bruschetta. A drizzle in the bowl boosts the flavors if the tomatoes and basil. While a drizzle on the bread before it goes in the oven give it a beautiful toast!

There’s an olive oil for every budget, and for every need or recipe.

Even when sautĂ©ing delicate shallot slivers… it doesn’t overpower them, it compliments them!

Olive oil and it’s benefits haven’t left us. We just have to remember it’s been tried and true waiting for us.

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Summer fun= water fun!

The warm, ok, hot weather is here!! The best way to cool off besides stays fun the air conditioning all day is water fun!

Traditionally we live to have water balloon fights. But what if there was a way to kick it up a notch? There is, it’s OGOSport!

 So what’s OGOSport? Fun in a disk form!!

These disks are perfect with water balloons! You can create games with them, and the water balloons that come with them.

How about just as launchers?!?

So what happens when you’re out of water balloons? You can use them as flying disks too!!

The fun never ends! Where can you find them? You can go to: 

Or you can find them on Amazon.

I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to share it with my family and friends through the complimentary party pack sent to me by Tryazon and OGOSport.

Want in on the complimentary parties? 

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The fun never ends!!!

School’s out!!!

Last day of school- it’s truly Summer!!

Did someone say Ice Cream Social?!?!

What better way than to celebrate with an awesome treat!! So fresh off the bus and over to the ice cream bar!

Our special ingredient for this Ice Cream social is Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream, 

Parent’s love the all natural ingredients and flavors! But kids just love the taste!

Here’s the proof…. 

Well, ok parents love the taste too!

It’s like a line-up of happy campers!

Thanks to MomsMeet ( and Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream ( for the free Ice Cream Social.

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Sum..Sum.. SummertimeđŸŽ¶

When you think of Summer, do you just think of the heat? There are flavors and senses to Summer. Like with other Holidays and Seasons, Summer has its own classic flare! 

An icon flavor of Summer is the Rootbeer float. But, not any Rootbeer float…. an A&W Rootbeer float!! 

Many of you know, I’m a member o HouseParty. And “Thanks” to HouseParty, A&W and Target cartwheel they sent me a free party pack to celebrate this iconic flavor!

And what a pack it was!! Sunglasses and color chalk, fun straws, ice cream scooper, down to the cups and napkins- it’s all there!

And now the star of the show A&W Rootbeer! Come to the A&W Rootbeer & Sunkist Orange creamsicle float bar! 

Have one or try them both! It sure cools down the hot afternoons!

Adults and kids all love the sweet and fuzzy treat!

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See you there!

Just for Dad!

What says love more than a gift handmade with love?!? One that was made especially for dad by the little hands that hold his!

Which is why we love our local Chick-Fil-A, their monthly Kids Craft Night was “Father’s Day” themed.

All the supplies were ready and waiting for the little ones to put their creative juices to work!

A Chick-Fil-A night would not be complete without the Cow!!

What a fun evening! Oh wait- did I mention, each child received a free 4 piece nuggets meal! 

Craft, the Cow, and a meal- until the next craft night!

Be sure to check your local Chick Fil A for fun events like this!!

Lasting impressions 

You know the old adage of making a good first impression. Nowadays, not all first impressions make lasting ones. Until, you get a pleasant surprise. Which is what Kings Dominion has done.

Since we moved to our new area our son has wanted to work for Kings Dominion. So, finally this season he was fortunate to have been hired. Though, background, he began applying back in January- February to “beat out” the college kids. 

His first job, at a majot amusement park for a major company. He went through the steps and procedures, and is now happily employed. 

But here’s where the pleasant surprise comes in. I recently received an email from the offices of Kings Dominion. Okay, the email was actually an invitation to a “Parents Ooen House”, specifically for those who are parents of minors working at Kings Dominion. I was very surprised- this was not a common thing. So I RSVP’d immediately.

The day of we gather at Human Resources and are led to the Theater and handed a packet.

It was filled with various brochures, and a cute car magnet!

The large brochure was what the new hires received. As the evening progressed we heard from a few of the directors and learned a little more about the heart of Kings Dominion. 

And an insight to other material in the packet. 

To complete the evening we were brought to were the employees have their lunch/dinners. Yes, there were refreshments! But more importantly all the directors that were on the stage and in the video were there to answer any of our (the parents) questions.

This was refreshing and impressive to have a company/ organization as large as Kings Dominion taking the time to let us know them. It was more than just “we’re the employer, this is how it goes”. It was more of this is our family, let us meet yours.

We hope the best for all the new hires, our children, and may they all grow  with more knowledge and opportunities as their working journey begins!