Sum..Sum.. SummertimeğŸŽ¶

When you think of Summer, do you just think of the heat? There are flavors and senses to Summer. Like with other Holidays and Seasons, Summer has its own classic flare! 

An icon flavor of Summer is the Rootbeer float. But, not any Rootbeer float…. an A&W Rootbeer float!! 

Many of you know, I’m a member o HouseParty. And “Thanks” to HouseParty, A&W and Target cartwheel they sent me a free party pack to celebrate this iconic flavor!

And what a pack it was!! Sunglasses and color chalk, fun straws, ice cream scooper, down to the cups and napkins- it’s all there!

And now the star of the show A&W Rootbeer! Come to the A&W Rootbeer & Sunkist Orange creamsicle float bar! 

Have one or try them both! It sure cools down the hot afternoons!

Adults and kids all love the sweet and fuzzy treat!

Want “in” on the next party? Go to : and sign up! Great products and lots of fun!!

See you there!


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