Summer fun= water fun!

The warm, ok, hot weather is here!! The best way to cool off besides stays fun the air conditioning all day is water fun!

Traditionally we live to have water balloon fights. But what if there was a way to kick it up a notch? There is, it’s OGOSport!

 So what’s OGOSport? Fun in a disk form!!

These disks are perfect with water balloons! You can create games with them, and the water balloons that come with them.

How about just as launchers?!?

So what happens when you’re out of water balloons? You can use them as flying disks too!!

The fun never ends! Where can you find them? You can go to: 

Or you can find them on Amazon.

I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to share it with my family and friends through the complimentary party pack sent to me by Tryazon and OGOSport.

Want in on the complimentary parties? 

Go to:

The fun never ends!!!


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