Never too young

Everyone has seen my previous article about Maggiano's Kids Cooking Classes. Well, they took a little hiatus, but they're back!

Why talk about it again? Because you're never too young (or old) to learn a life skill. I know, I know; not everyone is a "natural" at cooking. And it can either be a chore or a zen on any day of the week.
But, when guided right and given an opportunity to try without judgement it can become a joy or even a passion.

Maggiano's has it in a basic step by step program. Today they started off by preparing dessert. What? Dessert? Yes, because dessert was to be baked, to save time you can prepare the rest of the meal as it is baking. I love when time management is a side lesson!!

Now we go to the first course, salad. Ok salad dressing….
Keep in mind, there are no wrong creations. They put as much or as little of the seasoning ingredients as they find to their liking.

Time for the main course, Maggiano's famous lasagna!!

Topping off the class is lunch, not just for the students (kids) but for the parents as well!!

A fun filled morning, life lessons in a fun package!!
Check your local Maggiano's for their cooking class schedules. Menus vary, spots fill fast so get your reservation/ticket!
P. S. Some offer adult cooking classes as well!!

New Kid in Town

Always exciting when a new store opens in your area. For us, the "New Kid in Town" is Lidl, the German based grocery store.

Lines formed way before the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. They offered refreshments to all those waiting patiently. When the moment arrived cutting the ribbon was none other than the Governor of Virginia, Governor McAuliffe

Prizes to be had by all that came, surprise amount gift cards, reusable shopping bags, fabric bags with proof of app download, and more!

When you walk in it is spacious and you smell the desk baked goodies in their bakery!

They offer what most groceries do, along with non-food merchandise such as home goods, clothing and accessories.

As mentioned prior, they too have an app. There you can find additional coupons, weekly ads and a section for their "specials".

Comparable to other stores that offer various items and mainly their own store brand, I find its popularity will depend on what you are used to and your personal preferences you enjoy in a store.

For me, I enjoyed the items I sampled and was quite pleased with the items I purchased!

And yes, I saved. Because at checkout my clipped e-coupons, combined with the mailer coupon equaled a great deal for what I purchased.

Overall I can say, I may become a regular.

So Lidl, "Danke" ……

Clean ingredients

Have you ever read the labels on the snacks on the store shelves? On occasion the list of ingredients takes up most of the label!!
So on a trip to Target I found a snack with ingredients I could count on one hand!

I didn't stumble these on my own. Thanks to Crowdtap's latest mission I received a kit that included coupons to receive free boxes of RX bars for kids and adults, a few bars to try prior and coupons to share!

So we gave it a try….. when you open the package you can smell the flavors coming through. You can see the ingredients, they are clean and simple. I will admit, the texture is something to get used to. But when you need to grab something quick on the run, that won't melt in the sun. It's handy and satisfying.

Want to be in on the next "mission"? The. Go check out Crowdtap!

Smart snacking

We are all pretty familiar with Horizon Organic Milk and some of the other Horizon products we see on the grocery shelves. Ever growing product line, they now offer snack trays!

Through a great program, My Magazine Sharing Network, I was fortunate enough to receive a free sample of their famous milk and the new snack trays! Bonus- some coupons to share with my fellow moms.

The handy snack trays come in two variety selections.

There's one with cheddar cheese squares matched with raisins, cashews and sweetened cranberries.

The other choice is:
Cheddar cheese squares matched with mini pretzels.

Both are kid approved flavors and the bonus for us parents is the healthy factor!

They are available at Kroger and various stores.

For more information on Horizon Organic and their products go to:

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Needing a nudge

Weight management is always a hot topic. There are so many reasons why a person needs or wants to manage their weight. There are times that you plateau and frustration sets in. What do you do when you need a little nudge?

Tryazon has a program called Tryabox. I was fortunate enough to be chosen in Tryabox's latest program. It is with Lovidia.

I like to refer to it as the "little nudge". A dietary supplement that is just enough to push you over the plateau. It is not a miracle, done over night pill. But, it can give you the slight push to keep going and not let frustration lead you to quit!

If you'd like to be a part of this and other fantastic programs, go to:

Let Me Count The Ways

In the vast world of condiments it can get overwhelming as you stare across the aisle and see the sea of choices.
So how do you choose? What has the edge? How about a condiment that does more than top a burger?
Fourth Creek Red Pepper Relish is not a One trick pony.

It can wake up a dish, like mini pigs in a blanket. Just place a dab on the dough, mini dog and roll!

How about creating a dish? Sometimes we need just that little snack, or a new appetizer.
Using pre-made dough for French bread, I sliced the dough then patted it down to make a little circle. In the middle of the dough circle I place a dollop of Relish then the mini dog and wrap up!

Here's the end product!

How about a new and fresh dip for crackers!
All you need is a block of cream cheese and pour on the Relish!

Okay, so we had to try it as a true condiment and topped our roast beef and cheese mini sandwiches.

And now it's time to eat!
Had to create one side spicy and one side sweet!

So much fun sharing the flavors of Fourth Creek Red Pepper Relish! Thank you to Tryazon for the opportunity to try it for free!
Would you like to try a product for free and have lots of fun doing it?
Then you have to join Tryazon,

Happy Cow Appreciation day!

What a day! July 11th has become a tradition with many. What’s July 11th? Well it’s Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day! As many know, you need “cow apparel” or cow spotted clothes that will qualify for a free entree or kids meal. 

My local Chick-Fil-A has a Kids Craft Night every second Monday. Theme this week? You guessed it! We had the opportunity to make some Cow apparel ! We brought our white tshirts and they supplied the spots!

Now that we have our shirts done- time to show them off at Cow Appreciation Day!

So much fun! 

But the fun doesn’t stop there, at my local CFA, The fun doesn’t stop after today! Come in Saturday July 15th from 1-3pm; Chick-fil-A Cow will be giving away a mini plush cow with every order. Why?? Take the cow on vacation with you, snap summer vacation pics with the cow and email it to marketing A kids meal winner will be picked every M-F in August for “Best Vacation Posted Pics” on their FB page!! 

Check your local Chick-Fil-A for more fun activities!!

School’s out – Summer’s in

For some of us July is our first full month of Summer vacation. Time for fun and relaxation!

Not all fun has to be in the sun! But, what else is there to do? Many local businesses in your area offer fun kid friendly activities. 

Take for example Chick-fil-A. Now July marks a big Chick-Fil-A day, their Customer Appreciation day!! 

This year it will be on July 11th, from open to 7pm. So, come in wearing your cow outfit and receive a free entree. Kids in their cow-like outfit will receive a free kids meal. 

As a kick off, my local Chick-Fil-A’s monthly kids craft night will be cow themed. Kids can bring their white t-shirt, hat or shoes; and they will help the kiddos design their own cow themed apparel! On hand will be their yummy cookies to snack on while they work on their designs.

I highly recommend checking with your local Chick-fil-A for all the great activities they offer. 

Here’s the calendar at my favorite Chick-Fil-A location: