Let Me Count The Ways

In the vast world of condiments it can get overwhelming as you stare across the aisle and see the sea of choices.
So how do you choose? What has the edge? How about a condiment that does more than top a burger?
Fourth Creek Red Pepper Relish is not a One trick pony.

It can wake up a dish, like mini pigs in a blanket. Just place a dab on the dough, mini dog and roll!

How about creating a dish? Sometimes we need just that little snack, or a new appetizer.
Using pre-made dough for French bread, I sliced the dough then patted it down to make a little circle. In the middle of the dough circle I place a dollop of Relish then the mini dog and wrap up!

Here's the end product!

How about a new and fresh dip for crackers!
All you need is a block of cream cheese and pour on the Relish!

Okay, so we had to try it as a true condiment and topped our roast beef and cheese mini sandwiches.

And now it's time to eat!
Had to create one side spicy and one side sweet!

So much fun sharing the flavors of Fourth Creek Red Pepper Relish! Thank you to Tryazon for the opportunity to try it for free!
Would you like to try a product for free and have lots of fun doing it?
Then you have to join Tryazon, http://www.tryazon.com


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