Smart snacking

We are all pretty familiar with Horizon Organic Milk and some of the other Horizon products we see on the grocery shelves. Ever growing product line, they now offer snack trays!

Through a great program, My Magazine Sharing Network, I was fortunate enough to receive a free sample of their famous milk and the new snack trays! Bonus- some coupons to share with my fellow moms.

The handy snack trays come in two variety selections.

There's one with cheddar cheese squares matched with raisins, cashews and sweetened cranberries.

The other choice is:
Cheddar cheese squares matched with mini pretzels.

Both are kid approved flavors and the bonus for us parents is the healthy factor!

They are available at Kroger and various stores.

For more information on Horizon Organic and their products go to:

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