Never too young

Everyone has seen my previous article about Maggiano's Kids Cooking Classes. Well, they took a little hiatus, but they're back!

Why talk about it again? Because you're never too young (or old) to learn a life skill. I know, I know; not everyone is a "natural" at cooking. And it can either be a chore or a zen on any day of the week.
But, when guided right and given an opportunity to try without judgement it can become a joy or even a passion.

Maggiano's has it in a basic step by step program. Today they started off by preparing dessert. What? Dessert? Yes, because dessert was to be baked, to save time you can prepare the rest of the meal as it is baking. I love when time management is a side lesson!!

Now we go to the first course, salad. Ok salad dressing….
Keep in mind, there are no wrong creations. They put as much or as little of the seasoning ingredients as they find to their liking.

Time for the main course, Maggiano's famous lasagna!!

Topping off the class is lunch, not just for the students (kids) but for the parents as well!!

A fun filled morning, life lessons in a fun package!!
Check your local Maggiano's for their cooking class schedules. Menus vary, spots fill fast so get your reservation/ticket!
P. S. Some offer adult cooking classes as well!!


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