Snacks, not just for lunchboxes

It’s hard to believe that school is right around the corner! Wow, did the summer go by fast!!

As we start shopping for new school clothes and school supplies, there’s one more thing to add. Snacks for the lunches. But, which ones to choose? There are a flood of snacks from mini cakes to gummy varieties. What makes it looking for school snacks a job in itself? Finding one that isn’t packed with preservatives or stuff we can’t pronounce- that’s way too processed.

Thankfully we don’t have to do this search alone. As you’ve seen in past posts, I love being a member with MomsMeet ( This time they sent me Veggie Go’s Fruit and Veggie Snacks. (I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.)

Now at first I wasn’t so sure how well this would go over with the kids. Yes, a few faces were made when they saw the variations of flavors. The main concern was, could a “sweet” snack still be good even if it had kale and chia seeds in it. We’ve gotten used to some of the direct flavors in what is offered on the store shelves.

We dove in and opened our first pack.

They were flavorful and not overly sweet. The texture was different for them because when you see bites, you might associate gummies.

So on to the snack strips…. the first bite made me think of the fruit leather I used to have as a kid! It didn’t look like aplastic strip like the usual ones. It too had a good texture. Best thing about these two snack styles, each serving contains a one serving of whole fruits and veggies. Ok, another great thing, you don’t really taste the Veggie part. Which was a factor the kids were leary about, we adults are fine with the spinach, chia and greens. Kids on the other hand still look for the sweet treat without the flavor of greens overpowering the fruit.

As we all do, I wanted to read a little more about what’s in it and not in it. It is a non-GMO product and is gluten free. It’s great to now that there is no sugar added, which for us parents, is good to know that the sweet comes naturally from the fruit. And yes, in our own heads we are thankful that there are veggies included; which again all in all is a one serving . Yay!!

Since my friends know that I always share my new finds, I brought a bunch of different flavors of the bites and strips to our bowling play date.

Sneaky as it may have been, we didn’t tell the kids that there were veggies in the snacks. Why? Because we wanted to see if, 1) they could tell and 2) we didn’t want to influence whether or not they liked them.

As expected, the kids grabbed a package when they saw there were snacks. Reactions? I would say it was pretty positive. At first, the bites took a little more time getting used to. The strips seemed more common to them. Best part, it had the sweetness that kids are familiar with- and they didn’t taste the veggies!!

Of course, I didn’t exclude the parents, they need snacks too!

The sharing doesn’t stop there! Our little cul-de-sac neighborhood loves to get together, planned and unplanned. One afternoon when all the kids were playing outside, I brought out some Veggie Go snacks.

Wow! Even the most finicky eater found a flavor they liked!!

Thanks to Veggie- Go’s Fruit and Veggie Snacks, we have snacks that don’t contain a boat load of sugar and the kids like! A snack that we can feel good about, that goes beyond the lunchbox and can be taken anywhere!

Special thanks to MomsMeet for the opportunity to try this product and be able to share it with those around me that are also looking for something that they can feel good about giving their family when “snack” cravings hit.


Fun and food

It’s been so nice having the Maggianos Kids Cooking Classes back. I may be biased since they take care of he parents as well during the class.

As with most classes they offer three dishes to teach our mini chefs. They like to showcase some of their most popular ones at that.

Beginning with the apple crostata.

While that is baking to yumminess we go to the next item on the menu, the meatballs.

Each dish prepared begins with the kids observing how it’s done step by step by Chef Mike. Then they go to their seats to recreate what they’ve learned.

Now when you think of Italian food, what comes to mind? Lasagna! And here it is

If you’re anything like me, I find it easier to learn when I’m actually doing it than reading it. So I love the hands on experience that the kids are getting.

Once they are done, all the items they’ve created are picked up in their own Maggianos bag.

Which means it’s time for lunch!

Lunch for the future chefs, and parents too!!

Besides the apron, cute potholder, and goodie bag; my local Maggiano’s’s has an added bonus. They have each student a “punchcard”, where you receive a punch or stamp for each class they attend. Once your mini chef has completed six classes, they will receive their very own junior chef jacket!

Great morning!

Happy smiles from all ten fun and food!

With the popularity of kids being the next generation of foodies, Maggiano’s is now offering Birthday packages!

What a great package! Kids get all the fun!!

Please check with your local Maggiano’s for these fun features.

“New Flavor” Obsession

New foods, new flavors; for some crazy reason I’m all over it. My husband just shakes his head at my “obsession”. Trust me I’ve tried to be steady and not make that purchase on the latest flavors or chips and what not. It was an epic fail!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the latest in Oreo cookies. The PB&J…

My personal take? It’s a fun, sweet cookie. But if you’re a fan of the Nutter Butter, this will not pack the peanut butter you’re looking for.

The new flavor obsession doesn’t stop there.

I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but there are exceptions. Last year was the Pecan Pie, SWEET! Yes, it was very sweet. This year is Pumpkin pie, the flavor you look for is very faint. But the colors deliver the colors of Fall. For the white chocolate fans, M&Ms comes in a single serve bag of just white chocolate.

Next is a limited time item. Just here to commemorate the Solar Eclipse 2017. Krispy Kreme’s Chocolate Glazed Original (donut).

As a fan of the original glazed they are known for, and a chocolate fanatic; this was a win-win one! Maybe it’s a good thing that they are only here for a limited time!

Latest find of the day, the Top Ramen Pringles!!

You knew it was going to happen eventually. Top Ramen has become such a part of many lives. It’s the quick grab for a hot dinner or midnight snack. There are even recipes and “hacks” to take your ramen noodles to the next level!!

Pringles has fused their irresistible chip with a familiar flavor known throughout.

There is a faint smell when you open the canister, like when you open the flavor packet in the noodle pack. Then you eat your first chip, like stepping into the water of a chilly pool.

The flavor is there! Even after you’ve eaten the chip! No, they didn’t scrimp on the flavor!!

Where did I find all these products?

The donuts of course was solely at a Krispy Kreme store, but remember they are available for a very limited time.

The Pumpkin Pie M&Ms can be found at Walmart, it is in the section where the Halloween candy is. Yes, the Halloween candy is out and ready.

PB&J Oreos are available at any Kroger location.

The Top Ramen Pringles can only be found at ten Dollar General stores. I’ve been looking for these since July when I first heard about them. Call ahead to see if they have them.

Until the next “flood” of flavors come in….

Bright colors,clean hands

I love writing little note cards, sometimes for “Thanks” or even just to say “hello”. But it can be a frustrating process when you see ink smudged across the sentence. Which of course means that the side of my hand is almost covered in ink!! Ugh!!!

This also puts a damper on using gel pens in my adult coloring books!! Not all creations need to be “blended”.

Here’s a new discovery that was given to me by Smiley360, the BICGelocity pens!

I have to test it for smudging, my biggest problem. In my kit is a note card- a glossy one!! Now we all know how quickly ink can smear on this format.

Look! No smudges!!! Yay!!! It dried so quickly I had to try another “test”.

The kit included a coloring page, sorry the kids didn’t get this one.

Yes, it was a happy day. The colors didn’t blend or smudge together, even when I put the colors a little too close. The colors are so nice and bright. It can influence your creative juices!

Thanks again to Smiley360 for my free set. I want to get all the colors now.

Want to get in on the fun? Go to:

Sliding into the 70’s

We all love themed parties, dressing to the theme or enjoying those that dressed for the theme. What makes it more memorable is when the entire family can participate!!

Chick Fil A knows how valuable family is!!

Just this past Saturday they travelled back in time, celebrating the 70’s!!

A decade filled with music to move and groove to, and funky fashion that keeps coming back!

Bonus- it’s in a family friendly place!! Come in your bell bottoms and practice your Latin Hustle!

Not only can you all have dinner, there’s dancing!

After all the fun and dancing, they top off the night with free cookies and ice cream!!!

Connect with your local Chick Fil A via the social media networks like Facebook, and Instagram.

See you at the next bash!!

“RISE” and Shine!

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Sometimes we have it on the run, but the best times are those Sunday mornings with the family.

Now what if you could get that homemade flavor “on the go”? We have been so fortunate to have RISE in our neighborhood.

Did you see that?!?- biscuits AND donuts!!

Not just any kind of biscuits… these biscuits have just the right texture and are complimented with the best “fillings”. For example; bacon, eggs and cheese ( yes, they had me at bacon too). Or how about the house specialty, Righteous Chicken; a beautifully crispy, buttermilk brined tenderized chicken breast! Which ever one you chose it’s sure to be a pleaser. If I may add, these biscuits are only complete with a side of “hash”puppies. You read it right, they are jumbo tots made from grated Idaho potatoes with cheddar cheese! Yes it is crispy goodness!

Oh, that’s right, we mentioned donuts!

With flavors that are hard to resist, it’s hard to choose just one. They have the traditional Old Fashioned cake donut. But how about having a creme brûlée donut? Or even the famous Maple Bacon bar!

All of their items are handmade on site. They make their glazes for the donuts, with maple it contains actual maple syrup not a imitation flavoring. You can even have a “ring side seat” and see how everything is made.

Not just a grab and go though. Come and have a seat, there’s a chalkboard for all the “kid” artists in all of us.

If you’re wondering where have they been with all these wonderful treats? They began four years ago. With their very first Virginia location marking their 15th location!

To quote one of the owners, David; “The donuts will bring you in, the biscuits will bring you back”. And boy, was he right!

And they offer lunch too!!

Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!!

Simple and Affective

You see it all the time on TV, probiotics is key. But, there's only so much yogurt you can eat. Sometimes you want something handier and more consistent; and yes, easier.

Through a MomsMeet opportunity, I was sent a great care package. Let's call it, "Health help in a box".  I received this product for free from MomsMeet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.


Opened to find that not all probiotics have the same job.


Let's start with the basics….. Jarro-Dophilus offers probiotics that are easy to take by an infant. Which comes in very handy when their delicate stomachs are still "in progress" and need a reboot. So, what makes this one so special? Something called, Bifidobacterium Longum subsp. infantis M-63. What a mouthful!! Can't say that 10 times in  row….hahaha. Again, I had to know what made that key. It turns out that its a type of bacteria that helps an infant digest a type of simple sugar found in human milk. Which in turn keeps their "gut" healthy. Simple liquid drops is an ease to give an infant.

Tried the Yum-Yum shown above… Now I can have yogurt as a snack and not look at it as a chore to eat. This probiotic is easy to take. Knowing that it is sugar free is a bonus! There was an ingredient that caught my eye, Xylitol. Now I've seen this on other products, toothpaste for example. I know it's a sweetener, but where does it come from? Can you believe this natural sweetener is taken from corncobs?? Can't get more natural than that!

On to the other two boxes…. this one is for us women only!! Because no one looks forward to urinary tract infections. It can be hard to talk about, but we need more than what we see on the shelves when it's "too late".

In order to "nip it in the bud", we have to take proactive measures. Thank goodness for Jarro-Dolphilus' probiotics with 4 strains meant to discourage that pesky UTI. Like their other products it is composed of pure, simple ingredients. Safe for Vegans,too. There are supplements for healthy hair and nails, it's just right to have something that helps us be proactive with a healthy urinary tract.


Come and join the fun with MomsMeet!


Cooking Maggiano’s style

The kid classes are back at Maggiano's!!

Teaching their famous dishes to would be chefs of the future!!
This time around they are guiding the kiddos through the steps to make an awesome meatball!

How about something sweet? How about chocolate dipped in chocolate?? Yes, it exists- the chocolate zuccotto bites dipped in more wonderful chocolate!

A class can't be complete without creating the Maggiano's lasagna!

They never forget to take care of the parents as well. Muffins with coffee and lunch!

Interested in joining the next class?
Contact your local Maggiano's's for the schedule. All tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite!


Game Night!!

If you're family is like mine, we love game night! It ranges from cards, board games to dominos.
I was recently fortunate enough to have been chosen to try a new game from Thames & Kosmos through Tryazon, called Word Slam.

It is a two team game, so you have to have at least 4 players. I'll admit at first I was confused with the rules and how to play.

Doing a trial run, it was – best way I can think of describing it; charades with words!

It is a hectic game trying to find the right words to use. But don't think it's a fast game time wise, set aside some time to enjoy the game. It definitely calls for more than one round of play!!

Want to get in on the fun?
Go to:
Need the game?

I stand corrected

So I'm fairly well educated on organic food. Where to get the better priced products and which ones my family enjoys. I'm beginning to learn of organic clothing, but organic toothpaste??

And then a package from MomsMeet is at my door, it's like Christmas!!

There it is….. Himalaya Complete organic toothpaste and a couple of other gifts too!!

So I check out their website and the little pamphlet it came with. I'm intrigued on the facts they have on how fruits help us naturally. I've shared his page with my friends, you'd think it was pictures of my kids 😉

I never knew!! I've always believed that you can learn something new everyday.

I was impressed with what I learned, and surprised that Himalaya Complete organic toothpaste is gluten free. It's nice to see they have removed what we don't need and taken what we do from natural sources!

And, as you can see, they come in great flavors, actually a great variety to choose from depending on your need. For example, a whitening toothpaste. They show that you don't need harsh chemicals to whiten your smile.

Ok, ok, I'm sure your wondering if it works…. I was a skeptic before I tried it. And it had more foam than the gel toothpaste I was using before!! It also leaves a great minty freshness that that lasts that my former gel toothpaste did not!

I am a converted believer!!
Now everyone in the house has their favorite

If I may, I'd like to give a shout out of "Thanks" to MomsMeet for the opportunity to try this product. It has been wonderful!!
[I received this product for free from MomsMeet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links]

A gift that keeps on giving, they have given me a coupon code to share with everyone when you purchase Himalaya organic toothpaste.

Follow them and MomsMeet, get to know them. You won't be disappointed!