“RISE” and Shine!

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Sometimes we have it on the run, but the best times are those Sunday mornings with the family.

Now what if you could get that homemade flavor “on the go”? We have been so fortunate to have RISE in our neighborhood.

Did you see that?!?- biscuits AND donuts!!

Not just any kind of biscuits… these biscuits have just the right texture and are complimented with the best “fillings”. For example; bacon, eggs and cheese ( yes, they had me at bacon too). Or how about the house specialty, Righteous Chicken; a beautifully crispy, buttermilk brined tenderized chicken breast! Which ever one you chose it’s sure to be a pleaser. If I may add, these biscuits are only complete with a side of “hash”puppies. You read it right, they are jumbo tots made from grated Idaho potatoes with cheddar cheese! Yes it is crispy goodness!

Oh, that’s right, we mentioned donuts!

With flavors that are hard to resist, it’s hard to choose just one. They have the traditional Old Fashioned cake donut. But how about having a creme brûlée donut? Or even the famous Maple Bacon bar!

All of their items are handmade on site. They make their glazes for the donuts, with maple it contains actual maple syrup not a imitation flavoring. You can even have a “ring side seat” and see how everything is made.

Not just a grab and go though. Come and have a seat, there’s a chalkboard for all the “kid” artists in all of us.

If you’re wondering where have they been with all these wonderful treats? They began four years ago. With their very first Virginia location marking their 15th location!

To quote one of the owners, David; “The donuts will bring you in, the biscuits will bring you back”. And boy, was he right!

And they offer lunch too!!

Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!!


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