Bright colors,clean hands

I love writing little note cards, sometimes for “Thanks” or even just to say “hello”. But it can be a frustrating process when you see ink smudged across the sentence. Which of course means that the side of my hand is almost covered in ink!! Ugh!!!

This also puts a damper on using gel pens in my adult coloring books!! Not all creations need to be “blended”.

Here’s a new discovery that was given to me by Smiley360, the BICGelocity pens!

I have to test it for smudging, my biggest problem. In my kit is a note card- a glossy one!! Now we all know how quickly ink can smear on this format.

Look! No smudges!!! Yay!!! It dried so quickly I had to try another “test”.

The kit included a coloring page, sorry the kids didn’t get this one.

Yes, it was a happy day. The colors didn’t blend or smudge together, even when I put the colors a little too close. The colors are so nice and bright. It can influence your creative juices!

Thanks again to Smiley360 for my free set. I want to get all the colors now.

Want to get in on the fun? Go to:

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