Fun and food

It’s been so nice having the Maggianos Kids Cooking Classes back. I may be biased since they take care of he parents as well during the class.

As with most classes they offer three dishes to teach our mini chefs. They like to showcase some of their most popular ones at that.

Beginning with the apple crostata.

While that is baking to yumminess we go to the next item on the menu, the meatballs.

Each dish prepared begins with the kids observing how it’s done step by step by Chef Mike. Then they go to their seats to recreate what they’ve learned.

Now when you think of Italian food, what comes to mind? Lasagna! And here it is

If you’re anything like me, I find it easier to learn when I’m actually doing it than reading it. So I love the hands on experience that the kids are getting.

Once they are done, all the items they’ve created are picked up in their own Maggianos bag.

Which means it’s time for lunch!

Lunch for the future chefs, and parents too!!

Besides the apron, cute potholder, and goodie bag; my local Maggiano’s’s has an added bonus. They have each student a “punchcard”, where you receive a punch or stamp for each class they attend. Once your mini chef has completed six classes, they will receive their very own junior chef jacket!

Great morning!

Happy smiles from all ten fun and food!

With the popularity of kids being the next generation of foodies, Maggiano’s is now offering Birthday packages!

What a great package! Kids get all the fun!!

Please check with your local Maggiano’s for these fun features.


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