Outdoor Fun isn’t just for the Summer

School has begun, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. The leaves are slowly changing and the weather is still beautiful. What better way to enjoy the soon to be Fall season then being outside.

We can play croquet and bocce ball, though I have found something new!

From the Blue Orange Games comes the Djubi outdoor games. There are three varieties; the classic, the sling ball and the dartball.

So what makes this so special? Like other outdoor games all ages can play. But unlike some of the conventional games, the equipment is light, so even the youngest can enjoy.

The classic and sling ball has a built in launcher. Not to fret the balls are not hard to cause injury. Of course, they should not be launched towards the face.

Kids can play with the adults without concern of injury. Just some wholesome fun!

The other game is the dart ball. This is when the competitive side in us comes out.

The first team to reach 500 points wins! The target is easy to set up and clean up. It also has its own set of launchers, with balls that are “kid friendly”.

With the weather so beautiful, who can resist being outside? And now there are new and fun ways to bring friends, neighbors and family together with activities that keep us moving!

I would like to thank Tryazon for the opportunity to try these games. And a special thank you to Blue Orange Games for my complimentary sets, and the additional gifts of “preview” sets of other games the have.





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