Special invitation

It’s always special when you’re invited into someone’s home. It’s where you learn so much about someone, things that are similar or different between you.

But what if your invitation is to see the “backstage ” if one of your favorite restaurants? I recently received such an invitation…

It was a special invite to moms that are on the Chick-fil-A “A-List”, that gave moms an “inside” look at what Chick-fil-A is about.

Tables were set and ready with information pages and little goodies for the moms. Kids had their own table with an activity to keep them from getting “bored”.

We took our seats and began the “getting to know us” portion. At our seats/tables were nutritional facts of the foods served at Chick-fil-A.

Not just great nutritional facts, but even a small look into the various fundraiser opportunities you can do with them. With the many school, PTA/PTO, and sports events in need of extra funds for the kids it’s refreshing to know that there’s more than just the “usual” way to raise funds through a restaurant.

As like with any house invite, the host is more than happy to give you a tour of their happy home. As is at our Chick-fil-A, we began our tour with a look at heir family history.

It’s here that we see that it really is ALL about family. The Chick-fil-A Bartuch and has been around even before it was an actual brand. With its own milestones such as being the first to introduce “in mall dining”. The one thing that will stand out is how each generation ensures that the values and methods that lay the foundation of Chick-fil-A will go on for more future generations.

At any gathering where do we usually “end up”? The kitchen, it’s where everything happens and where all the great memories begin. So, we went into their kitchen. This was during operation hours so we got to see them prepare the meals first hand.

We are shown the freshest of ingredients that they use. Yes, it was hard to look past those yummy cookies- their were no cookies disappearing during the tour šŸ™‚

Look at those fresh vegetables! Ok, I would love a prep station like this complete with vegetables cut and chopped just the way I needed at hand…. but I digress. From here we saw how they cook the most important ingredient- the chicken. It is seasoned fresh on the spot, not a frozen pre-seasoned chunk of meat. They are careful to keep items cooked at certain statins to ensure no cross contamination.

But what really makes the food come out to us being so delicious, are the ones preparing them. We had a chance to talk to a few of them in the kitchen, and it’s their love if their job and what they do that makes the difference. Just as we as moms take every effort to make sure what we feed our families is fresh, nutritious and made with love.

The event did not end there! Upon going back to the tables we started at, the kids were each given a 4 pc. chicken nugget kids meal to enjoy. The moms were treated to one of their newest features, the hash brown scramble bowl!

But wait, there’s more!

A gift card to have breakfast on them, and an invite to be a part of a special “A-List” that’s just for moms!!

What a great event and we learned that there is so much more to Chick-fil-A than what we see on the outside!


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