The “Joys” of motherhood

Like many of my friends and family, we wouldn’t trade being a mom for ANYTHING in the world. Our kids are our heart. But, for some of us those pregnancy months can be trying. For me it was the nausea! Ugh!! There was only so much saltines and sprite you can handle. Oddly, cold grapes helped too. So many home remedy suggestions, and it’s a no to medicines.

But, there’s something that’s new and old at the same time. Sea-Band Mama has an alternative solution that’s handy and safe for soon to be mama’s and kids too!

Look at all the various products they have in their line. From bands to lozenges to rollerballs. I received these products for free from MomsMeet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Now, I’m not pregnant ( or will be in the near future) but I had to investigate for my friends and family members that are or may be pregnant in the future.

I tried a lozenge. I can be a whimp when it comes to ginger, but knowing the “medicinal ” traits and help ginger can be to the body. Yeah, it’ll work well.

In the pregnancy “line” there is also a rollerball that has ginger and a bit of spearmint in it. And with the popularity of essential oils this does not disappoint! Truth be told, I wish I had this one when I was pregnant. Two kids later, this would have been an essential.

Then there’s the bands…. when you open the box it’s a fairly soft band with a white dot. Looking at it you kind of think, now what? What does this do? Will it actually work? So I read up on the facts behind the products in the brochure that came with the product. It seems that the Sea-Band Mama bands use acupuncture to help soothe the nausea. An old remedy in a new and “fearless” form.

So here’s the bonus…. the bands are not just for the soon to be moms!!

They have bands for children and adults that suffer from motion sickness.

The bands are safe and non-invasive. So a child can wear them without any pain or needles puncturing their delicate skin.

Wearing the band to soothe that nausea feeling is way better than taking a pill!!

And, I may not be pregnant, but after trying the rollerball- I may just have it in my purse for those just in case moments!

I really wish this was around, or I knew about Sea-Band Mama back in the day!!!!

Would you like to find out more? Check them out at :

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