National Kids Cooking Class

Maggiano’s cooking classes for the kids is always a great experience. Today was extra special, all Maggiano’s across the country held their cooking class simultaneously! Wow!!

So let’s begin!

The banquet room is ready, as are the tables. With the apron and “design your own” toque is an extra bonus. There’s a punch card! Your little Chef gets a “punch”/ stamp for every class they attend. When you reach 7 classes your little chef will receive their very own Maggiano’s chef jacket on their eighth class!

As always you’re with family at Maggiano’s. Breakfast is ready for everyone to enjoy.

Chef Mike has been introduced and we’re ready to begin.

Today lasagna is on the menu. To ensure the chefs are seeing all the steps, they are invited to the chef’s prep area.

The kiddos go back to their tables where awaits all the ingredients to create their lasagna. Prepped to take home.

But wait! That’s not the end. There is a mini ice cream sundae buffet! Yum!!

Today, the parents learned that you can book a child’s birthday party. Not just for big milestone birthdays. They offer a “cooking” birthday package (starting at 20 guests) where the celebrant gets to pick the menu, and the party get to learn step by step the dishes chosen!

What a great idea and something a little different from what you usually see.

Maggiano’s is helping create the future chefs and foodies!!

Contact your local Maggiano’s or go to the website for class schedules and details on how to reserve your spot!


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