Safety Saturday

It’s never a bad time to learn about safety. Chick Fil A knows how important parents feel about not only, keeping their kids safe but learning how to stay safe.

The community has come out to support a fellow caring community member. All kids love seeing the police vehicles! And they brought out three of them.

The kids were able to sit on their motorcycle and go inside to tour a mobile command post! The officers were so awesome answering questions from both kids and parents.

The fire department was there, too!

And yes, they let the kids sit inside!! Smiles abound!

When thinking of protecting our children we should consider a Child Print ID Kit. It’s not just the fingerprints, but there are areas you complete- descriptions and details that only the parents know.

Also offered, were self defense pointers provided by a local Martial Arts. Complete with boards to “break”.

Now, there was fun there too!

Who can forget a cow bouncey house?

Let’s spin the wheel to see what Chick Fil A treat we’ll win!

The Cow Calendar is so popular at the Holidays (great stocking stuffer) . Sometimes we forget our cards at home. Solution? The Chick Fil A app.

Their table was there to answer any questions you may have about the app. Personally, it has come in very handy for me!

What a great afternoon! Remember to check with your local Chick Fil A for dates of their events. There are more wonderful events to come!!!


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