Eating healthy, not breaking the budget

School is in full force, and part of the daily routine is packing a good lunch for the kids. We want to pack them what they like, but has to be healthy as well. There’s a lot of things out there. Ideally we try to find non-GMO or possibly organic so we know they’re not getting something they don’t need.

I was lucky enough to receive free samples from My Magazine Sharing Network. These samples were from the product line Simple Truth Organic. They have a wide array of products, from snacks to lunch kits. You can find them at your nearest Kroger, check as well the sister companies of this grocery chain.

In the “care package “ were coupons for various Simple Truth products. Does this mean I need coupons because they are costly?

I was given a challenge to create a $5 lunchbox using only Simple Truth products, without the coupons.

This is what I came up with.

All kids love those little lunch kits where they can make their own little pizzas and such. And yes, they have a good variety of kits.

Going with items my kids like, I looked for some snacks to put in the lunchbox. They love those little animal shaped cheese crackers. Look- they’re little kangaroos!

Now, they need a little sweet, how about some applesauce!

I completed it with a bottle of water.

Here’s the breakdown:

Woohoo! I did it! All under $5!!!

The bonus? It’s all organic! Which means there’s nothing in there that was processed or a filler.

It’s good to know that a healthy lunch can be put together without breaking our budget!

Need more details on how I got my free samples? Go to:

Connect with their Sharing Network.

Oh! Before I forget, the coupons they gave me? They were for me to share with friends and family!!


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