Fun dessert that “rolled”in

Originating in Thailand and other parts of Asia by street vendors, rolled (or Thai Stir Fry) ice cream has taken the nation by storm!

What is rolled ice cream? It’s a frozen dessert that began in 2009 as a way to mix either at or dairy milk with fruits and candies. With slow beginnings, it took off even more in 2012 and crossed the ocean in 2015.

The technique involves a milk base that is spread across a steel plate that’s temperature is below freezing. It’s at this point that fruits and or candies are mixed in, and with two metal spatulas- dessert magic begins. Now I know you’re thinking they do that at Cold Stone Creamery or Marble Slab….. this is different!

Just take a sneak peak of how the magic takes place.

For the true experience, you need to stop by and try one! Fortunately, I have one in my area by the name of Cold Platform! And it’s taken out neighborhood by storm!! They have a wide variety of flavor combinations, but I’ve been told you can get creative – the possibilities are endless! Which really can brighten your day.

No matter what the weather may be outside, we all love ice cream. For all ages and tastes we’re happy that this dessert has “rolled” into our cities!!


The Month of “Thanks”

November is here and we are getting ready for family and friends to gather for the feast. That’s just what we see on the outside. In our hearts we prepare the “feast” to show our love for our loved ones.

It is comforting to know that Beyond our family and friends there are community supporters that share the feeling of family and gratitude for all those they work with. Such a company is Chick Fil A.

So for their Kids Craft Night, the children were given a small “task”. To write on a craft leaf what they are thankful for.

Then it is placed on the “giving tree” showing how thankful Chick-fil-A is for the families that support them.

One more craft, creating a Thanksgiving ornament!

All that crafting!! Time for dinner, each child participant received a complimentary 4pc chicken nugget Kids meal, with an Ive Dream to top it off!

Remember to check your local Chick Fil A location’s for events like these!

Dried clay- no play

Remember how much fun it was when were little to open up that can of clay or play dough and start creating all different shapes, colors and characters? The down side was that if you didn’t close that container right, you ended up with a colored rock substance!! And… the fun is gone.

What if there was something that gave you, ok the kids, the same creative freedom but not a waste of money because you had to throw it out when it hardened?

Guess what??? There is! And it’s called Morph. It comes in six different vibrant colors.

You can mold it, mix it up to create new colors, and it even floats!!!

Now, when you first open the package, you have to knead it like a dough.

But the more you knead the dough the bigger and fluffier it gets.

Time to create! Morph is pliable, it can bounce too. Sometimes little “droplets ” of clay fall off, with Morph just use the bundle in your hand to pick up the pieces!

The possibilities with Morph are endless.

Thanks to Tryazon and Morph for the complimentary samples they sent me so I could share it with my family and friends.

The best part of it all is that it doesn’t dry out!! The fun ad creativity are endless. This is perfect now that the weather is getting colder and we have to stay inside more.

Can’t wait to give it a try? Check them out on:

Fuel for the Festivities

It’s “pre-” Thanksgiving and preparations have begun for all the festivities soon to come.

Over the next few weeks we set up for that special dinner where we give thanks for family and friends. Then it’s getting Santa’s list going, parties to mingle and more company to feed.

Through all of this we need to make sure our bodies are fueled enough to conquer the hustle and bustle, not to mention the chill in the air.

Food is the body’s fuel. The thought of stopping mid shopping or mid errands seems like a fleeting idea. But all you need is that boost that helps keep you going, no time for a sit down meal.

Is there such a find that will give you some fuel for your body, and not be junk food loaded with empty calories?? YES!! Yes there is!! It’s from Foodie Fuel, their product called Fuel Snacks.

It’s not a miracle energy drink type of snack, so you won’t feel a “crash” at the end of the day. What it is, is a delightful snack that you an munch on wherever you are.

I’m snacking on the Swiss Chocolate Flavor now. Yup, you heard right, Chocolate! Look how it’s a loaded bite size of flavor. The snacks contain all organic ingredients such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and even chia seeds. Don’t let all the “seeds” fool you, it truly is fuel and not just a snack.

It comes of four flavors all together. Swiss Chocolate, cinnamon ginger, coconut vanilla, and butter toffee- a crowd favorite with my family and friends.

They come in two sizes, 2 ounces and 4 ounces. I try to always have a 2 ounce pouch with me, just in case I need a little something to tide me over.

Ready to fuel up on the go? Then you need to go to : From there you can find a store location that carries Fuel snacks. Or better yet order straight from them! One case can be 3-6 gift basket items; depending of course if you want to share!

Supefruit jewels

A popular fruit around the Holidays are pomegranates. Great color on the outside and bright little gems when you open it. Those little gems are called arils, and they are packed with antioxidant potency great for heart health. Some even believe this fruit to be a “cure all”.

But yet, we pass it by in the stores, unless we’re going to put it in our decorative bowls on the table. Ok, sometimes thinking of prying it open and getting stained by the juice hinders us.

There is now an easier, and tastier way. Just look for Juicy Gems!

What makes it different than what you’ve seen in the produce aisle? You find this bag of happiness in the freezer aisle!! They are just as versatile as a fresh pomegranate. Only this time there’s no difficulty in opening it and no stains on your clothes or fingers!

So simply thaw how much you need. A couple of handfuls work great on a fresh green salad with blue cheese. How about to add a little color and pop to your fresh fruit salad?

But wait! There’s more!! I came across a great recipe for …. pomegranate fudge!!

Simple ingredients of condensed milk, chocolate chips and, of course, juicy arils!

It may sound doubtful in results and taste.

The arils help balance out the sweetness of the fudge. Who knew?

Ok, I’ll admit, the arils are awesome frozen!

Want to give them a try? Check your local Walmart in the freezer aisle. Or go to their website for more recipes and locations as to where to find these gems.

Feast in a Flash

With the Holidays quickly approaching, you never know when family or friends come for a surprise visit. But, you didn’t have enough time to cook a meal!

Never fear Barilla Ready Pasta is here.

Pasta pouches ready in 60 seconds in the microwave! Super easy, just gently kneed the pouch and open just a tad to vent. Sixty seconds later percent al dente pasta.

You have the pasta, now for the sauce. Barilla has that too!

Now you have the pasta and the sauce, but you want to take it a step further. Barilla has great recipes where you simply add a few more ingredients for a fantastic meal.

How about penne with chicken meatballs?

Maybe a different kind of pesto? Some sun dried tomato pesto! Add some veggies and there you have it!

Or you can go a little more traditional with their basil pesto. Adding some peas, olive oil, and cherry tomatoes gives it some pop!

Viola! Dishes fur for a party, like the early birthday celebration of my son!!

Fun and food go hand in hand. Our guests don’t walk away empty handed! A fantastic Barilla lunchbox to take your ready pasta with you anywhere.

For more great recipes and where to find Barilla Ready Pasta go to :

I received my Ready pasta complimentary from Tryazon. Want to get free products to try an Share with family? Join at: