Feast in a Flash

With the Holidays quickly approaching, you never know when family or friends come for a surprise visit. But, you didn’t have enough time to cook a meal!

Never fear Barilla Ready Pasta is here.

Pasta pouches ready in 60 seconds in the microwave! Super easy, just gently kneed the pouch and open just a tad to vent. Sixty seconds later percent al dente pasta.

You have the pasta, now for the sauce. Barilla has that too!

Now you have the pasta and the sauce, but you want to take it a step further. Barilla has great recipes where you simply add a few more ingredients for a fantastic meal.

How about penne with chicken meatballs?

Maybe a different kind of pesto? Some sun dried tomato pesto! Add some veggies and there you have it!

Or you can go a little more traditional with their basil pesto. Adding some peas, olive oil, and cherry tomatoes gives it some pop!

Viola! Dishes fur for a party, like the early birthday celebration of my son!!

Fun and food go hand in hand. Our guests don’t walk away empty handed! A fantastic Barilla lunchbox to take your ready pasta with you anywhere.

For more great recipes and where to find Barilla Ready Pasta go to :


I received my Ready pasta complimentary from Tryazon. Want to get free products to try an Share with family? Join at:


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